OpenLM Server could not be connected: TS-OLMSRV006 - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Server could not be connected: TS-OLMSRV006


The customer complained that upon launching the OpenLM Server configuration tool, they have received the “OpenLM Server could not be connected” message:




1. The most common cause for this message would be that the OpenLM Server service is not running.

Please open the Services window, stop and start the OpenLM Server service. See image below for clarification.


2. Another cause for this message may be a problem with the OpenLM Database.

Please open the OpenLM Database Configuration tool (Windows’ Start –> All Programs –> OpenLM –> Server ).

Verify the location and correctness of the OpenLM Database. See image below for a Firebird Database example


3. If the location of the Database configuration and location is correct, this may mean that the Database was corrupted. In such a case please contact OpenLM support for further assistance.