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License to Thrill: How to Slash Your Software Costs?

Session 1: 10:00 – 11:00 UTC


Ankita Sachdeva

Account Manager, EMEA

Are you new to OpenLM and eager to explore its potential? This introductory session in our OpenLM Daily Classes series is the perfect place to start!

In OpenLM Daily Classes 101: Introducing OpenLM and its functionalities, you’ll gain a solid understanding of:

  • What OpenLM is and its core functionalities
  • The key benefits of using OpenLM
  • A practical walkthrough of the OpenLM platform

In today’s session of OpenLM Daily Classes, we’ll be focusing on “License to Thrill: How to Slash Your Software Costs?”. In this session we’ll unveil the secrets to slashing your software expenses without compromising on quality or security. Join us and discover:

  • Hidden cost-cutters: Unearth sneaky software expenses that are draining your budget and learn how to eliminate them.
  • Negotiation Ninja: Master the art of software negotiation and learn to get the best deals from vendors.
  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the win: Explore the robust world of FOSS alternatives that can replace expensive proprietary software.
  • The Cloud Conundrum: Discover how cloud-based solutions can streamline your software usage and potentially reduce costs.
  • Smarter Subscriptions: Learn how to optimize your software subscriptions to ensure you’re only paying for what you use.

Join us in OpenLM Daily Classes 101 and embark on your OpenLM journey!


Ankita Sachdeva

Account Manager, EMEA

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