What are DSLS Casual Usage Licenses ? - OpenLM Software License Management
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Migration of the DSLS v5 to v6

Dassault Systemes has introduced DSLS V6 in 2008. Although they have been actively encouraging customers to migrate from v5, actual migration has been a trinkle. Lately we have detected some movement in this direction, with major companies issuing press releases on this subject.

Upon migrating from V5 to V6 customers are forced to change the license model from

concurrent usage to named usage. As part of the named user model, Dassault Systemes introduced the “Casual Usage – Named User” license Model.

Casual usage named user licenses

This is a variant of named user licenses, that allows users to consume a licensed product for up to 40 hours per month. A Casual usage named user license is differentiated from full named user licenses by the License Administration tab in the DSLS License Administration Tool.

Surpassing the 40 hour limit

In the event of license over-usage, Casual licenses will not be blocked. The application will not be suspended and the user will continue to consume the license, surpassing the maximum usage duration value. Furthermore, new license check – outs will not be prevented. Only the monthly report file and the log files will show excessive usage.


The outcome of such unmanaged usage of licenses is a steep and unexpected bill at the end of the month. This further stresses the need to follow license usage carefully with a designated tool such as the OpenLM license management system.