What is new in OpenLM version 3.1 - OpenLM Software License Management
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What is new in OpenLM version 3.1

Version releases

OpenLM publishes milestone version releases of the OpenLM Server annually, integrating major changes made to the OpenLM interfaces and infrastructure. Minor versions are released more frequently (approximately once a week), integrating bug fixes and minor requests made by OpenLM customers.

OpenLM Version 3.1

OpenLM has recently developed some new and exciting features, and aggregated them into a new version: 3.1. This version should not be considered a major release as it does not involve any changes in infrastructure or reshuffling of existing capabilities.This document is an overview of the new capabilities embedded in version 3.1.

1. OpenLM Server improvements

We have put in much effort to improve the OpenLM Server’s performance. Many procedures and threads have been optimized, and the Server’s capability to handle large numbers of license servers has improved noticeably.

2. OpenLM Router

The OpenLM Router tool was initially designed to redirect license requests made by application users to their respective license managers. The Router’s method of employment is to intervene in the license request made by the application, en-route the license manager. This scheme could facilitate a new set of capabilities for license managers, such as:

  • Providing a single point of reference to all application clients when applying changes to the license server configuration
  • Applying rules and restrictions on license usage according to specific users, IP ranges and time of day. These rules may be applied to any type of license server.

For more information on the OpenLM Router – please refer to this document.

3. OpenLM Agent procedures: Extended license harvesting capabilities

The OpenLM Agent is the OpenLM Client module, which may be deployed on end-user workstations. The Agent may provide information on the processes that are currently active on every workstation on the network.

One of the Agent’s most attractive features is its ability to report idle applications to the OpenLM Server, and carry out subsequent license harvesting commands issued to it by the OpenLM Server. In version 3.1 we have enhanced this capability, generalized it, and improved its structure. System administrators are now able to

  • Run any predefined script as part of the license harvesting process
  • Harvest “Unmanaged” licenses (i.e. license types for which OpenLM does not directly query usage from a central license server)
  • Apply conditional logic to license harvesting requests
  • Run cleanup scripts

For more information on the OpenLM Agent’s procedures, please refer to this document.

4. Monitoring multiple-vendor and Token-based licenses (IBM Rational)

In previous versions, OpenLM would only present the IBM Rational token feature (TLSTOK), and would not elaborate on the consumption of actual features within TLSTOK. With the latest OpenLM 3.1 update, OpenLM treats the TLSTOK feature as package, and all its token based features as part of that package.

For more information – please follow this document:

Monitoring IBM Rational token based licenses OpenLM v3.1 – AN4001a2

5. Printing OpenLM report windows

We have recently received requests from our customers to provide an interface for report content printing. Apparently some users still feel more comfortable presenting OpenLM usage reports and statistics on sheets of paper.

In OpenLM v3.1 we have accommodated this request, and added an icon at the bottom of each EasyAdmin grid window (e.g. “License servers”, “License Activity” etc.) In order to print a report:

Read more about this here:

Printing EasyAdmin v3.1 report windows – AN4054

6. OpenLM Broker silent installation procedure

Following customer feedback, we have implemented a silent installation capability for the OpenLM Broker. It is now easier to install and maintain the OpenLM Broker in a multiple license server environment. Read about it here.

7. Improved OpenLM Broker → OpenLM Server communication

We have optimized the Broker to OpenLM Server communication, and introduced compressed messages to minimize OpenLM’s impact on network resources.

8. Upgraded EasyAdmin infrastructure

The EasyAdmin ExtJS version has been upgraded. This change reserves capabilities for future development, such as migrating EasyAdmin to a mobile interface