What is Sentinel HASP ? - OpenLM Software License Management
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Sentinel HASP (Formerly Aladdin HASP SRM) is a concurrent usage software licensing solution provided by SafeNet. It comes in two flavors:

  • HASP SL employs software protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing. Data encryption keys are obtained by communication with the software vendor, thus enabling the process of license request and grant
  • HASP HL does the same with hardware dongles . No internet connection is required in order to access the license server and obtain licenses.


Sentinel HASP also features the following capabilities

  • It can tie licenses to specific Virtual Machines (VM), thus providing license protection in virtual environments.
  • Feature-wise flexibility: Enable or disable product features based on the user’s needs and budget.
  • Charge users for the number of sessions or the number of features they used.
  • Enables end users to subscribe to a software tool for a specific time period.
  • Create complex licenses models to best suit business needs.


Where can I download Sentinel HASP and Sentinel RMS license managers ?

The Sentinel HASP and Sentinel RMS license management tools may be downloaded from the Products section on Safenet’s web site, under the “Licensing and Management” title.

The OpenLM server seamlessly interfaces both tools, in order to extract comprehensive license statistics reports.


Monitoring HASP with OpenLM

In principal, OpenLM supports Sentinel HASP from version 5.0 onward. Having said that, elaboration is required: OpenLM interfaces the HASP (Sentinel) Admin Control Center web interface.

The Sentinel driver (and there are many of those) should interface the Admin Control Center from within. So if you see license usage reporting on the Admin Control Center, then it is surely supported by OpenLM. Please refer to this KB article regarding the required OpenLM server configuration for Sentinel HASP.


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