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VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava is a university in the Czech Republic with over 20,000 students studying in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. There are seven faculties and two all-university study programmes running on campus

The Ostrava University Center for Information Technology has turned to Openlm in order to obtain a comprehensive solution for their license managers and end users’ licensing needs. OpenLM has collaborated with the Ostrava University IT center in developing a proprietary solution, combining the capabilities of the OpenLM Server and OpenLM Router to meet the IT center’s needs.

The problem

Providing a population of over 20,000 students and faculty members seamless access to more than 50 license servers is a complex task to start with, and even more to maintain:

1. Access control and Server backup maintenance:

Each user needs to be configured an access to all the license servers that manage the applications of their interest. This configuration includes the IP and port number of any such license manager. Changing a single license server’s IP or port number will consequently dictate a change on multiple client machines. Another aspect of this problem is the difficulty in Implementing a backup server for license managers.

This problem is further aggravated on a campus environment, where the control of a large number of workstations and clients in labs becomes practically impossible.

2 .Requirement: Applying license restrictions according to IP rules

Licensing requirements dictated management of licensed features according to location. This demanded setting up rules according to port numbers and IP addresses that apply to specific license server features.

3 .License usage monitoring

As a general requirement, license usage monitoring was required as a means to ensure license efficiency and compliance.


1. Access control and Server backup maintenance:

The Ostrava University IT center tested an OpenLM Router in its network, to centralize control over clients’ license requests. The OpenLM Router facilitates changing license server access configuration without the need to access any of the client machines. It simply routes the packages from the original IP and port to the new license server’s IP and port. This also facilitates migrating license management to a backup LM server.

The OpenLM Router supports many license managers and a big advantage is its multi-platform support, so it can run on any general OS platform.

2 .Requirement: Applying license restrictions according to IP rules

This OpenLM Router configuration facilitates the application of rules to license granting;

  • Forwarding license requests to license servers may now be restricted to specific IP subnets. This enables applying restrictions to specific faculties and laboratories on campus.
  • Another valuable function the OpenLM Router is the application of a time schedule. The IT center can now dictate when each client or IP subnet can use license server features. This property is useful for limiting or reserving usage of licenses in specific classrooms according to the lesson plan.

3 .License usage monitoring

The OpenLM Server provides Monitoring of a wide variety of licenses managers. The Ostrava University IT center handles license servers of different types, running on different OS systems, and communicating in different protocols. The OpenLM Server manages to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities for the complete portfolio of the IT center license servers.

From our customer’s testimonial letter:

Our department has been looking for solution which can easily handle our license servers and client requests in one place. We have found OpenLM Router which does exactly what we need. We tried this kind of software and from now we can easily manage our clients & workstations in one place where are sorted by port and IP rules which points to each license server features.

Thank you for saving time of our department.

VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava, Centre for Information Technology.

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