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As we step into February, we’re delighted to present this newsletter edition, filled with exciting updates, heartfelt stories, and tips to make your February memorable. 


We are thankful to our esteemed customers as their insights, feedback, and suggestions have played a pivotal role in developing our cutting-edge new solution to control the usage of Bentley licenses at the application and feature levels. In this issue, we spotlight how OpenLM can revolutionize the way you manage and control the Bentley application’s usage, helping you unlock the full potential of your software investment while ensuring ‘no over-usage’ bills from the vendor. We will organize a webinar in March dedicated to this new functionality.


Also, we thank each of you for participating in our webinars held across January, making them interactive and exciting. We are continuing with our webinar schedule exclusively for our customers, where we will introduce you to the components of the new release of OpenLM.



It's February, and love might be in the air, but so is our commitment to optimizing your software usage and maximizing efficiency.
Abhijeet Das
PreSales Manager &  Newsletter Editor 
OpenLM Ltd.

Upcoming webinars in February 2024

We will be happy to meet you there.

Knowledge Byte:​

OpenLM Solution for Bentley

Unlike other CAD software vendors, Bentley doesn’t restrict its customers from accessing the required licenses beyond the purchased limits. However, it comes with a hefty cost called ‘Overusage charges’, which Bentley bills to the customer. To overcome this frustrating experience, OpenLM Solution for Bentey is now available. 


This solution will enable the organization to monitor and Control the usage of Bentley CAD applications at both levels: 

  1. Application(example: Microstation, StaadPro, AutoPIPE)  
  2. Feature (example: StaadPro, StaadPro Advanced, 


With OpenLM, you can now relax and concentrate on your projects and other business priorities while we ensure that your organization’s Bentley license usage is within the purchased limits. So, no untimely over-usage costs adding to your IT expenditure. 


Want to know more about the OpenLM Solution for Bentley? Please read our blog.

Please get in touch with us. 

Employee Spotlight:​

Unbreakable Bonds: Exploring the Timeless Connection with Milo -

By Sahana Ghosh (Sales Admin & A Pet Parent)

They say that the most meaningful relationship a person can have in their life is with their parents or with their child. It is a connection like no other, an unbreakable bond.

I am a dog mommy of a 3-year-old German Shepherd puppy, ”Milo”. However, I feel I should add “Shadow” to the list of nicknames that I call him. He follows me everywhere, oh, yes, most of the time with a ball in his mouth, always ready to play! Milo is a brilliant and happy dog. It is astonishing to see how effortlessly he communicates with me, responding to verbal cues, hand gestures, and even subtle facial expressions. I learned from him the meaning of unconditional love, loyalty and the importance of living in the moment. I feel lucky to share this special bond with him and can not imagine my life without him.

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