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OpenLM Introduces Enhanced License Monitoring and Controlling for Bentley CAD Applications

OpenLM has recently released a new version of its Applications Manager and Workstation Agent, featuring an innovative enhancement for monitoring and controlling Bentley CAD applications (and not only). This new capability allows administrators to track, restrict overuse, and manage licenses at both the application and feature levels.

Bentley’s licensing model can be challenging for customers to manage effectively, as the vendor charges for overuse without restricting installations. OpenLM addresses this gap by introducing detailed monitoring of Bentley CAD applications, including the application (e.g., Microstation, StaadPro, AutoPipe) and feature levels (e.g., StaadPro, StaadPro Advanced).

How to configure


  • OpenLM SLM
  • Applications Manager v24
  • Workstation Agent v24
  • Personal Dashboard (optional)
  • Broker
  1. Navigate to the OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface→Administration→OpenLM Applications Manager:
  2. Click the Add button, and from the Tracking Type drop-down list, select Process:
  3. Provide the following information:
    Application name – a unique name for the application you will be tracking- (e.g Bentley Advanced)Process name – this should match the name of the application process. (e.g. Bentley.Staad)
    Description – enter a description to help you recall what a certain process, file or folder does (e.g. free text)
    Vendor – select the vendor related to the application from the drop-down list or enter your own – e.g. Bentley
    Version – enter a version number to help you identify an application and manage to track multiple versions (e.g. 1.0)
    Parameters – enter the command line arguments used to launch the application. Used for applications that have the same process name but offer different features depending on what starting arguments are used to launch the executable.Adding in this field window-title: *e.g 2023* , Workstation Agent will track the process only if it has any windows containing 2023. Wildcards are supported.While for args window-title: *Advanced 2023* – Agent will monitor the process only if it was started with args argument, and if any window of the process contains in the title Advanced 2023.To find out the Window Title, in the Command Prompt execute the tasklist /fi “IMAGENAME eq autopipe.exe” /v /FI “STATUS eq running”

    Enabled – Check to enable the tracking for this application
    Limit – Specify the number of concurrent instances allowed per application. “Unlimited” by default. Set to 0 to block all instances from launching.
    License Return Policy – The license return policy is a collection of definitions that specify when OpenLM releases a license back to the pool.

    License Consumption Policy* – The license consumption policy specifies rules for how an application is to be used, including whether to deny multiple version launches and how to count multiple licensing use

  4. Click Save to commit the changes.
  5. Repeat the process for other features you might have.

Where to see the related data

Please check the OpenLM Reports here.

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