Empowering organizations to utilize their resources to the fullest

Since our inception in 2007, we have been dedicated to helping companies harness the full potential of their software investments by optimizing software assets and licenses and helping them achieve better efficiency, utilization, and cost savings.


More than a decade later, our solutions continue to revolutionize license management across industries and we are now a trusted partner for many of the world’s largest corporations listed in the Fortune Global 500 and Global 1000. Will you be next?


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Our Story

Our journey began with the vision of our founders, Oren Gabay and Rachel Bahar. Their backgrounds as a GIS manager and a GIS software team leader equipped them with firsthand experience of the challenges posed by underutilized software licenses. This ignited a spark to create a solution that would transform how licenses are managed, used, and valued. Thus, OpenLM was born.

What started as a solution for ArcGIS licenses soon evolved into a comprehensive approach applicable to a plethora of engineering software applications. OpenLM’s success in optimizing license usage for ArcGIS was mirrored in our approach to Autodesk and eventually extended to encompass thousands of engineering software tools.

Different Kind of Company

OpenLM is more than a company, product or service. We’re a collaborative effort between many different individuals. Our industry-changing solutions, ideas and innovations all come from our people. That’s why we do everything to nurture and grow our talent. Our culture is collaborative and inclusive and this reflects in our company both top-down as well as bottom-up.

Global Reach, Local Touch

With branches spanning countries such as  USA, India, Moldova, France, Germany, Austria and Japan, we ensure a local touch combined with a global perspective. Our diverse team brings together expertise from various fields, enabling us to address the unique challenges faced by organizations worldwide.

Flexible and Open Work Culture, Work from Home and New things to explore and Learn

Shiwal Goel
Quality Assurance Lead

Diversity at Our Core

Diversity is embedded in OpenLM’s DNA. We believe that innovation thrives through diverse perspectives, making us a stronger, adaptable, and inclusive company. We’re proud of the varied backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints our global team brings to the table. OpenLM is a welcoming workplace for all, fostering an environment that particularly empowers women. Our inclusive culture ensures every voice is valued, fueling creativity and problem-solving. This commitment to diversity propels us to create solutions that resonate across industries and communities. At OpenLM, diversity isn’t just a principle—it’s our driving force.

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