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About OpenLM

Who we Are

OpenLM is a leading provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications. Founded in 2007, the company has established a global install base which includes many of the world’s largest corporations in the Fortune Global 500.

Our story started with our founders, Oren Gabay and Rachel Bahar, who used to work as GIS manager and GIS software team leader. They found that their organization purchased new ArcGIS licenses frequently, while many that had been purchased were not used. This gave them a vision of something better, a vision of efficient license usage where new software licenses are purchased only when really needed. They went ahead and created OpenLM and have never looked back since! They duplicated the concept of what they had done for ArcGIS to Autodesk and the product scope has since spread to thousands of engineering software applications.

The OpenLM Vision and Mission

Our vision is a world in which all organizations will be able to forecast their exact requirements for engineering software licenses and get the most usage they can from their concurrent license pool. Today, our mission is to empower organizations to be a part of that vision. The first product we brought to the market was snatched up by license admins and IT managers in municipalities, manufacturing companies and engineering consultancies.

We do it with Passion, passed down from founders to team. Our passion is getting the highest possible usage from expensive software licenses. This is what OpenLM is all about, to empower organizations to ‘stretch their licenses to the limit’

OpenLM Quick Facts

  • OpenLM’s core business is software license administration solutions
  • We are dedicated to the organizations that use engineering software, NOT the vendors who sell it
  • We are active globally with local support centers in the USA and Europe and local representation in Japan, Germany, France and Korea
  • More than 300 of our 900+ customers are in the US, the rest are spread across Europe, Asia and Australia and include multinational companies such as General Electric, Spacex, Tesla and Merck.
  • OpenLM is an approved supplier of the United States Government General Services Administration (GSA), contract GS-35F543-GA

What We Do

Our software tools track large numbers of expensive software licenses that have been purchased by the organization and helps administrators reduce the number of licenses purchased but not used. Our expertise in this area has been built over years of consulting with organizations about their license management problems and developing solutions for these issues. Frequent post-sale support and training sessions have provided a forum for on-going discussions with our clients regarding the software management issues faced by businesses, which we have used to further refine our product offerings.

OpenLM’s innovative solutions enable IT Directors, System Administrators and Software Asset Managers to get a clear view of the organization’s license inventory, effectively manage and monitor the actual usage, plan license maintenance and procurement, and optimize the utilization of expensive engineering software licenses.

The OpenLM platform supports over 20 license managers including Flexnet, DSLS and Hasp, as well as thousands of CAD, GIS, CAM, PLM, electronics and automotive applications.

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