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Centralized USB dongle inventory

Learn where your dongles are, who’s using them, and where they go.

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Dongle Monitoring - Protect your assets, mitigate risk, and stay compliant, all from a single platform.

The OpenLM Dongle Monitoring solution provides real-time insight into your organization’s hardware key assets. Simplify asset management by having one central database and manage assets from one central dashboard. You can also blacklist lost or stolen hardware keys so they can’t be used again.

Features and Benefits


One registry for all hardware keys

Centralize all your hardware license keys into one registry. Maintain one single source of truth for everything that is related to licensing and dongles.  


Know where your dongles are

Obtain full transparency of the location of your assets compiled and stored securely on the cloud.


Know who is using the hardware license keys

Track and see the usage of your license dongles for any time frame you specify.


Access the most relevant data

We collect the data, you choose how to filter it: by device name, manufacturer, hostname, username or time frame.


Add your vendors

Dongle monitoring only tracks the vendors you want to monitor. 

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Respond in real-time to dongles taken off the network

Compliance leaves no room for errors. Eliminate the risk of compliance breach by tracking the organization’s dongles. Identify and act on the usage of dongles reported as lost in real time.

Simplify dongle management by consolidating your hardware keys in a centralized web-based, system of record.

Here is what you need to do


Add your dongle to the system


Start monitoring your dongles


Install the OpenLM Agent


Filter dongle usage reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dongle Monitoring is OpenLM’s solution to tracking and managing license hardware dongles.

Hardware keys are also part of an organization’s software portfolio, but they are often hard to track and manage, if they aren’t outright ignored. Dongle Monitoring fills that gap by providing the right tools for hardware asset management. Keep track of which license dongles are in use and enable IT administrators to manage all tokens from a central dashboard.

Additionally, lost dongles can become an issue, so a tool that can blacklist lost dongles and alert IT when a blacklisted device is connected to the network can come.

Dongle Monitoring keeps track of the dongles that are connected to an end-user workstation and monitors the amount of time they stay connected.

OpenLM’s Dongle Monitoring comes with the following features: real-time monitoring of license dongle activity, usage reports, and notifications when a dongle is plugged in or taken off the network.

No. Just create an account in the OpenLM Cloud Portal, activate the Dongle Monitoring product and start adding your vendors and license dongles to the registry. From that moment on, you are ready to get usage reports and start managing your license dongles from a single dashboard.


$1/ dongle/ month

Want to know where your dongles are and who’s using them? Contact us to learn more about Dongle Monitoring and start managing your hardware more efficiently today!

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