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OpenLM Reporting Hub

Software license management made easy with business intelligence tools

Custom. License utilization. Reports. Data Visualization

We give you the data. You make the decision

The power of OpenLM is in collecting all the license utilization data within your environment. We equip you with the accurate information you need to make data-driven decisions that will affect your business. Reporting Hub allows you to go beyond the limits imposed by our own reporting platform and use the granular data we collect in conjunction with other data sources. We equip you with the right information, so you can transform knowledge into the power to make the right decisions.

Query-ready database for business intelligence tools

Reporting Hub creates a copy of the granular data OpenLM collects, and saves and prepares it for you so you can connect any business intelligence (BI) tool for statistical analysis. The quantitative data you get access to via PowerBI or other external tools will help you to make informed, data-driven operational decisions, and to make plans for the future.

Go beyond the limits

OpenLM collects organization-wide license-usage data and consolidates it into one database, which can be used to query a variety of reports. That database, however, is not compatible with business intelligence tools. With Reporting Hub, we remove the limitations imposed by our system and give you total control over the data OpenLM collects. You are the only limitation in data analytics: create custom dashboards using the preferred business intelligence tool.

Analyze in conjunction with other data sources

Analyze the statistical data OpenLM collects combined with additional data sources. Reporting Hub facilitates data visualization to stay informed about how your software asset portfolio is performing and what is happening. It integrates with external databases/datasets: OpenLM provides the data on license usage data, but you may want to connect to other sources such as Salesforce, Market, etc. Create custom dashboards to identify trends and new opportunities, and then take steps to fix them.

360-degree view of your licensing information

You can easily make customized reports and dashboards by using a unique, 360-degree view of your licensing information that allows you to drag and drop different columns to make reports with lots of information.
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How it works

OpenLM Reporting Hub Cycle

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The OpenLM Reporting Hub extension requires the OpenLM Server DB and the Reporting DB and an OpenLM Reporting Hub License File, other than the OpenLM license file The complete system requirements are here.

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