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The OpenLM support team provides assistance for OpenLM Version 22 Update 1, which was released in January 2022 and is compatible with MariaDB, MySQL, and MS SQL databases. However, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version to leverage the benefits of newly developed functionalities and bug fixes.

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Software License Management Cloud (SLMC)

OpenLM SLMC is a flexible, reliable, and secure tool that provides all the essential tracking and reporting solutions for your engineering software licenses. It is hassle-free. No maintenance is required. The security is guaranteed by the Industry-standards OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols.

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See what’s new in v24.3.26.1436

Important note: Upgrading from v23 to v24 requires a new license file. Reach out to our Sales Department to obtain one.

It is mandatory to shut down your OpenLM SLM instance, and do a full backup of the OpenLM Database before proceeding with the upgrade!
To get the license, contact our Sales team at or use the form on our website.

Check out the system requirements page.


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OpenLM Identity Service

See what’s new in v24.3.21.958

OpenLM Identity Service is a tool that facilitates the user management and authentication of OpenLM products’ users. OpenLM Identity Service relies on the industry-standard protocol: OpenID and OAuth 2.0 to ensure identity management and authentication services.
The v24.3 is compatible with OpenLM SLM v24.2 and higher.

Check out the system requirements page.

Documentation: full

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See what’s new in v.
The OpenLM Broker provides added functionality to the OpenLM SLM, such as denials monitoring. An instance should be installed on each license manager server you have. Download the latest version for Windows-based license servers (requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher) and for Linux, UNIX, OS X Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora & more..

Documentation: info 

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AutoCAD Plugin

See what’s new in v.

The AutoCAD Plugin shows the real usage and the idle time for AutoCAD. Furthermore, AutoCAD Plugin enables you to identify idle open sessions and safely release them. Also, it supports Autodesk Cloud. Install it on any number of workstations you like. Click to download the latest version (v23.2). It functions only in tandem with OpenLM SLMC.

Note: OpenLM AutoCAD Plugin works with AutoCAD 2020+;

Documentation: full

OpenLM Agent

Workstation Agent

See what’s new in v24.2.2.1122

The OpenLM Workstation Agent shows the real usage and the idle time of the engineering applications. Furthermore, the Agent enables you to identify idle open sessions and safely release them. Install it on any number of workstations you like. The Workstation Agent is only compatible with End-User Services v23.1 and App Manager v24.1or higher.

Documentation:  full/ system requirements

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End-User Services

See what’s new in v.

End-User Services provides a user interface for OpenLM  Workstation Agent, as well as the possibility to view your license servers and license usage information. Windows installer requires .NET Framework 6 runtime or higher.

Note: Starting from v23.1, End-User Services is compatible only with OpenLM SLM and Identity Service v22.4 and higher and Workstation Agent v23.1 or higher.

Documentation:  full/ system requirements

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ServiceNow Adapter

The ServiceNow Adapter enables you to integrate OpenLM data into ServiceNow.

See what’s new in v.
The ServiceNow Adapter enables you to integrate OpenLM data into ServiceNow.

ServiceNow provides platform-as-a-service (PaaS) enterprise service management software for human resources, law, facilities management, finance, marketing, and field operations. ServiceNow specializes in IT service management (ITSM) applications and automates common business processes. ServiceNow contains a number of modular applications that can vary by instance and user.

Documentation: full guide

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Directory Sync

See what’s new in v24.2

The Directory Sync allows OpenLM to sync its database with directory services that support the LDAP protocol. It allows the creation of sync definitions, manages Directory Synchronization Agents, and displays sync entities and their relationships. The Directory Synchronization Agent (DSA) is the component that executes the sync definitions as received from the DSS. SLM v21 or higher is required.

Documentation: full

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Reporting Hub (RH)

See what’s new in v.
The OpenLM Reporting Hub provides advanced querying capabilities, extended data modeling, and report creation features that enable accelerating the ability to build robust data models, along with amazing reports that will amplify your business intelligence efforts.

Documentation: full

OPENLM Applications Manager

Applications Manager

See what’s new in v.
A system for monitoring and controlling the use of any software in the organization regardless of the licensing scheme in effect. Note that if you intend to use the "Window title" feature, the Workstation Agents versions older than v24 are not compatible with the latest version of App Manager. Click to download the latest version.

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Reports Scheduler

See what’s new in v23.6.7.836

OpenLM Reports Scheduler facilitates the generation of predefined reports and submission of these reports to specific recipients according to your preferred schedule. Download the latest version. OpenLM SLM v21 or higher is required.

Documentation: full

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Browser Agent

OpenLM Browser agent allows you to monitor specified website visits using the OpenLM SLMC solution or on-premise. You can now monitor any Web-based applications or cloud services at the organization’s branches worldwide: just type in the URL of the service you want to track, and OpenLM will report on the actual usage of the target application in a single, common report format with options such as heat maps and pie charts.

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OpenLM v5.6

See what’s new in v5.6.11

Important note: Firebird users must first get a license file for Version 5.6 before continuing with the upgrade.
To get the license, contact our Sales team at or use the chat icon on our website.
This version requires the .NET Core Runtimes listed on the system requirements page.
Documentation: video / fullswitching to IIS v5 upgrade FAQ

Beginning with v5, LDAP synchronization has been split into the Directory Synchronization Server (DSS) and Directory Synchronization Agent (DSA) components available below.

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