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OpenLM v1.8: License Monitoring and Management tool

OpenLM can be downloaded for a 30 day evaluation period, during which OpenLM will be fully featured. When the evaluation period expires, OpenLM will automatically switch to the light-version work mode.

If you have any questions on what to install where - we will be happy to help. Just contact our support team at: support@openlm.com .

For any assistance in obtaining a license file, please contact our sales team at: sales@openlm.com.

Thank you.

OpenLM Server v1.8:

The OpenLM Server is the core element of the OpenLM system. It integrates the functionality of all other peripheral system components, i.e.: OpenLM EasyAdmin, Agent, Alerts, and Broker.


This is a fully functional download version valid for a 30 day trial period. Please obtain a license file from sales@openlm.com, to register the software within the trial period.

Windows service:

The OpenLM Server is implemented as a Windows service and can be installed on any network machine.

Important notes for OpenLM 1.7 users:

1. Here is an account of What's new in version 1.8.

2. Prior to any change, be sure to stop the OpenLM Server service, and back up your OpenLM Database.

3. Before upgrading to version 1.8, we recommend installing version 1.8 in a test environment, on a machine other than the production 1.7.

Application Note 1100: OpenLM Version 1.8 Installation in a Test Environment.

4. Upgrading OpenLM 1.7 to 1.8 is described here:

Application Note 1101: Upgrade guide of OpenLM Version 1.7 to Version 1.8 Embedded Database

Application Note 1101a: Upgrade guide of OpenLM Version 1.7 to Version 1.8 External Database