OpenLM-License Harvesting

Eliminate license hogging, improve productivity.

Free up idle and unused licenses. Empower users with licenses, whenever they need them.

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Optimize license usage and reduce employee downtime.

The OpenLM License Harvesting feature releases idle licenses back to their respective license pools, allowing more of your users to utilize the same number of licenses. This way you can free up licenses that are currently being held by applications or users who are not actively using them. 


Customized harvesting parameters

Set your custom license harvesting thresholds to fit your organization and business goals – idle time, license utilization level or usage pattern.

Harvest idle licenses the way you want


Save & Close

Suspend & Resume


Identify patterns with machine learning

ML (Machine learning) based close policies that further reduce the downtime of your expensive assets. The OpenLM Agent identifies the end-user’s license usage pattern and closes the application based on the policies you define. 


Determine application inactivity

OpenLM Agent tracks the software activity and will only harvest the license when there is no user activity or any background processing done by the application.

Improve productivity

With more available licenses, you can prevent engineers from being denied checking out licenses, which prevents work progress and leads to wasted resources.

Optimize license-to-user ratio

A better understanding of end users’ license usage will give you the right data to right-size the number of network licenses. The ideal license-to-user ratio is 4:1, but this can rise to 6:1 or more

Eliminate license hogging

Prevent end-users from checking out an expensive license when they come to the office and leaving it open as long as they can to avoid being denied.

Significantly save on costs

License optimization will lead to fewer licenses being required because once users know licenses will be available, they will not hold on to licenses in fear of getting a denial later. Therefore, more licenses will be available, and, as a result, the organization will have to purchase fewer licenses and the engineers won’t lose time, focusing instead on getting the job done.

Automatically eliminate idle sessions

OpenLM provides you with a few ways to prevent idle sessions, depending on the application in question. We call this process license harvesting. OpenLM will automatically harvest an idle license based on the parameters set by the system administrator, which takes into account two factors:
These are based on the system resource threshold parameters through which admins configure OpenLM Server to release the unused license. The actual process happens on the end-user computer using the OpenLM Agent component. The configurable system resource parameters are:
Another method OpenLM can release idle licenses is using Machine Learning (ML). OpenLM will learn the usage pattern of the end-user and will be able to significantly reduce the application idle time, as it will know when the engineer will leave the application open on his or her workstation.

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The OpenLM License Harvesting extension requires the OpenLM Agent to be installed on the end-user’s workstations and the OpenLM Server on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

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