Unlock the full potential of Software License Management with OpenLM Professional Services

Are you maximizing the capabilities of OpenLM? In numerous instances, we’ve observed that customers may not be tapping into various features of OpenLM, missing out on the opportunity to elevate their Software License Management (SLM) optimization experience to new heights.

Introducing OpenLM Professional Services, a dedicated offering providing extended remote desktop support/live sessions beyond the standard one-hour support included in the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). This specialized and enhanced service is designed to help organizations and businesses gain comprehensive insights into all OpenLM products, ensuring they fully unlock the software’s potential. Additionally, Professional Services takes care of any technical troubleshooting required at your end.

Scope of the Service


Oversee the configuration and implementation of the OpenLM system and meet your specific needs.


Verify the correct installation and setup of the system. Additionally, avail training and support to ensure your team is equipped with a robust license management system.

Technical support:

Avail assistance via remote desktop to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with the OpenLM system.

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Basic training on handholding:

Leverage customized remote training sessions to make your team proficient in using the OpenLM software license management system.

OpenLM Professional Services’ is an extended service tailored for businesses and organizations seeking a more effective understanding and utilization of OpenLM’s solutions and products. This service proves especially advantageous for entities with limited time resources, enabling them to optimize their purchased OpenLM system for enhanced software license optimization services.

With OpenLM Professional Services, organizations can get on-demand assistance via remote desktop live sessions. This reduces costs and improves overall efficiency.

OpenLM Professional Services works by providing customized services tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. You can get on-demand expertise and knowledge from the OpenLM team, including installation and deployment support, license management guidance, best practices for optimization, and procurement/compliance advice.

Yes, OpenLM Professional Services offers technical support via remote desktop/live sessions to help you solve any issues you may be experiencing with the OpenLM system.

Organizations without Professional Services hours remain eligible for support through chat and email, as long as they are under maintenance. Professional Services enable support through live sessions or remote desktops for an organization.

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