Actual Usage

The Actual Usage extension enables license administrators to assess license usage efficiency

Software license users do not always actually use the licenses they’re consuming. They may have opened their applications and have left for a coffee break. In some cases – users may also check out expensive licenses just to keep them available for future usage.

License Administrators need to know whether licenses are actively being used to their maximum capacity. The OpenLM Actual Usage extension provides this information.

Benefits of the Actual Usage extension:

Get indications of license utilization efficiency.

This information may serve to:

  • Make informed decisions on license maintenance and procurement.
  • Optimize license allocation within the organization.
  • Improve license consumption habits: minimize license ‘hogging’.

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The Unmanaged Processes extension requires the OpenLM Agent to be installed on the end-users workstations and the OpenLM Server on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

Check out the System Requirements here.

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