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Discover why OpenLM is the forefront leader in engineering and specialty license management

Save up on licensing costs, ensure compliance, and stretch your licenses to their limit.

OpenLM stands as the forefront leader in engineering and specialty licensing management. Our exceptional software and services currently benefit over 1000 international enterprises and engineering firms.

Transparency and openness are the hallmarks of our operations. That’s why all our technical documentation is public, and our pricing is completely transparent. This level of openness has been achieved due to our unwavering confidence in our knowledge and technology.

In comparison to any competing company, OpenLM has consistently delivered unparalleled value for the investment. I personally commit to providing every prospective customer with the best value available in the market. Take a moment to evaluate our competition, and feel free to reach out to us.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you.

Oren Gabay

CEO of OpenLM

Why OpenLM?

Ensure maximum utilization of your licenses

Unlike OpenLM competitors, we empower you to achieve improved efficiency and maximize the usage of diverse* engineering and specialty software applications.
*Our solution supports 25,000+ engineering and non-engineering software applications

Reduce your IT spendings significantly

By identifying financial leakage due to unmanaged license usage, OpenLM aids in pinpointing areas where you can minimize license costs

Generate manual, automatic, and interactive reports in no time

The BI-based reporting solution developed by OpenLM provides comprehensive reporting and statistics against various application usage metrics. The reports can help with usage trends, optimization, cost savings, and better ROI.

Delivering excellence:
Explore what sets us apart from OpenLM alternatives

OpenLM vs FlexNet Manager

Notably, FlexNet Manager is one of OpenLM competitors that only offers on-premise software license monitoring. However, OpenLM has introduced OpenLM Cloud SLM, opening up a brand new possibility for software

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Over 1500 companies across the globe have leveraged OpenLM’s software asset monitoring tool to stretch their licenses to their limit.


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