OpenLM-License Parser

Need to understand how your licenses are being used?

Get insight into your license usage for FREE  without the effort of software installation 

OpenLM Parser turns cryptic license files or license server log files into human-readable reports.

License files or license server log files contain information on how your users are utilizing the software. But they can be confusing because they’re usually written in cryptic language and require you to do a lot of work to figure out what they mean. 


We’ve got a solution!

Just drop your license or log files into OpenLM Parser and receive detailed and user-friendly reports of license usage statistics, sessions, denials and more.

Upload Files

To receive accurate, easy-to-understand results, simply drop your license or log files into Parser.

Get Insights

Parser converts cryptic log files into human-readable reports that provide helpful data on license usage statistics and other crucial metrics.

Take Action

Equipped with this knowledge, you can make informed opinions on licensing models, possible obstacles, and other critical issues affecting your business.

OpenLM License Parser is free for up to five files per week—so get started today!


A service that converts cryptic license files or license server logs files into visual reports that are easy to understand by humans. Instead of struggling to locate the information in the file generated by the license server, you just drop the file in the parser, which breaks down the data into sections you can easily understand.

You get a thorough and user-friendly depiction of license usage data, license features, expiration dates, sessions, denials, and more just by dragging and dropping the log file into the parser. 

OpenLM Parser supports the following formats:

  • Flexera Publisher (FLEXlm) license file, debug log file, lmutil lmstat output format;
  • Dassault Systemes license server (DSLS) license server (DSLS) log file, Dassault Systemes license server (DSLS) License file;
  • RLM (Reprise License manager) Usage log file, License file;
  • Sentinel RMS (From SafeNet) License file;
  • LM-X License Server log file, LM-X License file; 
  • Esprit log; 
  • SeisWare CSV log;
  • OpenText (formerly Spicer) log file;
  • SlickEdit verbose XML stats (selicutil stat -v);
  • Green Hills log;
  • LS-DYNA license & log;
  • Sparx log.

OpenLM License Parser is free for up to five files per week

OpenLM provides you with two payment options: 

  1. Single payment – pay for the service and use it for a month;
  2. Subscription – a commitment for a year, but you pay the $100 each month, not in one lump sum.

Just choose your preferred method. 


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