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Partner with OpenLM

OpenLM has partners in sales, integration and technology. These partnership options are briefly described below


OpenLM Sales Partnerships

If you are a VAR who serves a client base of organizations that use engineering software, we can offer you an attractive resale partnership agreement. See more here.


System Integrators

If you are a system integrator for projects involving engineering software, OpenLM can add a valuable component to your solution.   See more here.


Technology Partnerships

If you are interested in integrating OpenLM’s unique software license monitoring and management capabilities into your own software system, we can provide you with API’s and techniques to make it work seamlessly. Get more details about engineering license reporting integration.


IT Outsourcing Services (ITO)

If you are a provider.of outsourced IT services, that includes the administration of engineering application licenses, OpenLM can enhance your offering to your customers, making it a more attractive proposition, and at the same time give you an additional source of revenue through its powerful license usage reporting and auditing capabilities. Read more here IT Outsourcing.

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