Custom Commands In OpenLM

The Custom Commands extension enables OpenLM users to create functions for personalizing their OpenLM experience

Custom Commands allow OpenLM users to create functions for personalizing their OpenLM experience. This is an extremely flexible tool that allows users to run scripts for managing specialized situations for licenses and permissions that occur with changing usage status. The opportunities include, but are not at all limited to:

  • Displaying any message such as a warning
  • Change Registry entries to allow creative management of available licenses
  • Launch any program or process automatically

Custom Commands are created in OpenLM’s Administration controls through OpenLM EasyAdmin using Agent Procedures, Alert Management or App Manager. Agent Procedures can initiate execution of script or executable in a defined path on the agent machine. Alert Management can run a program on OpenLM Server or run a command on the license management server through OpenLM Broker. OpenLM App Manager provides customized scripting functionality for rules created in the App Manager during allowing or denying license consumption. Scripts run as an application (user owned) or as a service (system owned).

Creating a custom command requires a series of steps to define the processes and how the processes are initiated. As the variations of what can be accomplished are potentially endless, the setup here will look at an overview of creating commands.

For more information – please refer to OpenLM Knowledge Base Article.

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The Unmanaged Processes extension requires the OpenLM Agent to be installed on the end-users workstations and the OpenLM Server on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

Check out the System Requirements here.

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