Experience seamless operations with OpenLM Managed Services

Managing every aspect of running OpenLM can be challenging, particularly when faced with a multitude of other crucial tasks. This is where OpenLM Managed Services becomes invaluable.

OpenLM Managed Services handles every aspect, from installation and configuration to upgrades and overall management of OpenLM.


For organizations seeking dedicated support in leveraging OpenLM, this option is perfect. You can focus on other priorities, while tasks such as adding new license managers and conducting periodic health checks are seamlessly managed by our experts.

Scope of the Service

Installation and configuration of OpenLM environment

Periodic health checks of the OpenLM system

Upgrades and management of OpenLM installation including all the components

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Configuring new license managers/features/applications into the OpenLM system

OpenLM Managed Services is an additional service provided to businesses and organizations that may lack the necessary IT or human resources for deploying or operating the OpenLM software license management system.

OpenLM Managed Services includes a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Complete Installation and configuration of the OpenLM environment
  • Upgrade and management of OpenLM installations including its components
  • Periodic health checks of the OpenLM software license management system
  • Addition and configuration of new license managers/applications
  • Set up of different reports and alerts

The benefits of Managed Services include a software license management system running at peak performance, reduced downtime, increased productivity, and better cost control. It also allows organizations to focus on their core competencies rather than worrying about IT issues.

For comprehensive pricing information, please contact your account manager or mail us at sales@openlm.com.

OpenLM Managed Services is crafted as a compilation of seamless license management services featuring a dedicated support engineer. On the other hand, OpenLM Professional Services offers organizations on-demand support through remote desktop/live sessions. Additionally, Managed Services can be accessed through monthly subscriptions, while organizations can procure Professional Services in hourly increments.

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