SLM Professional Services

We're here to help you get the most out of OpenLM

and make sure that your team is fully equipped to optimize your license management system. 

SLM Professional Services can help you take your OpenLM system to the next level.

We know that software license management can be difficult, and sometimes it feels like you’re doing it all alone. That’s why we’ve put SLM Professional Services, an exclusive service enabling organizations and businesses to understand all the OpenLM products better and find ways to utilize them more.

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Our Service includes


A professional software license manager that works with you to configure and implement the OpenLM system to meet your specific needs.


Ensure that the system is installed and set up correctly, and provide training and support to ensure that your team is fully equipped with a robust license management system.

License Optimization:

Optimize your license usage by analyzing usage history & patterns, and recommending changes to help you reduce costs while improving efficiency.

License Compliance:

Help your organization to stay compliant with software licensing agreements by conducting license audits and recommending corrective actions.

Technical Support:

Our technical support team would help you via phone, email, and remote assistance to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with the OpenLM system. 

Training Sessions:

Conduct customized training sessions on-site or remotely to help your team become proficient in using the OpenLM software license management system.

Get the most out of your OpenLM experience.

Installation and configuration of the OpenLM environment is just one aspect we provide. We also upgrade and manage OpenLM installations and their components periodically. Our engineers also perform regular health checks on your systems and alert you when any problems or issues need attention.


Tracking license usage was a challenge for us. Being able to monitor that and historic usage both globally and locally is useful!

Stephen Brekke

Legacy Integration Producer

The ‘SLM Professional Services’ is an extended service offered to businesses and organizations to understand and utilize OpenLM’s solutions and products more efficiently. This service is extremely beneficial for businesses or organizations that usually have insufficient time to get the most out of the already purchased OpenLM system to monitor or manage their software licenses.

SLM Professional Services can help your organization by providing expert guidance and support to optimize your license management system, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

SLM Professional Services works by providing customized services tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. You can get on-demand expertise and knowledge from the OpenLM team, including installation and deployment support, license management guidance, best practices for optimization, and procurement/compliance advice.

Yes, SLM Professional Services offers technical support by phone, email, and remote assistance to help you solve any issues you may be experiencing with the OpenLM system.

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