OpenLM - Virtual License Manager

License allocation exactly as you need it.

Say goodbye to license conflicts and unavailability. License virtualization gives you the power to create as many virtual license pools which act as real ones. This way you can make sure that each department in your organization always gets the exact allocated amount of licenses, in real-time, as needed.

OpenLM - Virtual License Manager

What is VLM?

Virtual License Manager (VLM) allows IT managers to segment the organization’s license portfolio into as many license pools as needed, whether by department, region, or team. Get granular control over your license allocation, always ensuring that a certain number of available licenses is met. In addition to this, a role-based access control system empowers IT managers to delegate leaders for each virtual license pool, thus offsetting the burden of having just one administrator. Forget about license conflicts or overwriting of settings. With VLM, you have total control.

Key Benefits of Virtual License Manager (VLM):


License Pool Virtualization

VLM creates a virtual representation of the existing license pool structure so that you control the physical implementation.


Delegate License Manager Roles

Reduce the burden on central IT and delegate license allocation to local team leaders. Decentralize your license portfolio into tenants which can further allocate or revoke license permissions.


Better License Pool Access Management

Our rock-solid roles & permissions feature empowers central IT to easily manage employee access to the license bucket. You decide who can manage the allocated license pool and who has only view access rights.


Avoid Management Conflicts

Reduce the risk of overwriting the allocation of licenses between departments. VLM allows central IT to dedicate a license pool to each department and restrict management access to local team leaders eliminating license management conflicts between departments. 


Save Time & Reduce IT Costs

No longer will IT administrators have to manage licenses manually. You also get increased license availability between various departments while ensuring optimal license usage with the same number of licenses. Keep license costs low and save IT time. 

How Virtual License Manager Work Image

How Does It Work?

The license managers you already have, with their total combined licenses, are the “physical layer”. VLM creates a virtual layer which sits on top of this physical layer, but which acts like a real license manager. This gives you the power to create an unlimited number of virtual license pools and assign licenses dynamically, in real-time, according to a department, group or team’s needs. Avoid usage conflicts by always having the exact amount of licenses you need.

VLM gives IT administrators the power of flexible provisioning:

Is VLM Right For You?

Traditionally, organizations and IT administrators had to face complex, unique licensing environments. Usually, this meant managing one or more physical license managers through central IT, or managing many end-users from various departments spread across the globe. Such systems can become a real hassle, especially as more environments, departments, groups and teams spring up.

Centralized license allocation

In a centralized license-allocation environment, the IT team must fulfill requests from numerous departments or regions for a huge number of users. For big organizations, this quickly becomes unmanageable, as it puts IT under heavy pressure. Allocating licenses to users consumes a lot of a license administrator’s time, which costs you money.

Decentralized license allocation

In a decentralized model, the IT team grants permissions to departments or team leaders for them to manage or support their own users. This improves overall license allocation workflow by reducing the burden on the central IT team and paves the way for smart license management in a multi-user system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Virtual License Manager is compatible with a wide range of software vendors and can integrate with license managers based on FlexNet Embedded.

Yes, with Virtual License Manager, you can allocate licenses to specific departments or groups with different rights to reduce the risk of conflicts.

Yes, local administrators can allocate licenses to end users while organizations keep full oversight of their licensing environment with decentralized management.


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