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License Manager Hosted (LMH)

Get the functionality and benefits of the most advanced software license monitoring and management without having to worry about installation, system configuration or maintenance.

If you are responsible for software license administration in your organization, you can focus on your main activity and leave the infrastructure to us. With OpenLM LMH – License Manager Hosted, we provide everything you need for effective management of your software licenses including the license managers you need to work with. We run a range of different license managers including  the popular FlexNet® by Flexera Software®.

Primary Benefits of License Manager Hosted

  • Spend more time on license administration and forget about the infrastructure
  • Get support and guidance on configuring your license manager from the experts
  • Get all the monitoring and optimization tools included in OpenLM Cloud
  • No need to install license manager upgrades ever again
  • You’ll never be stuck without anyone in your organization that knows what to do

How License Manager Hosted Works

  • You send us the license file of the license manager(s) currently in use in your organization
  • We setup all the license manger software versions you need, on our cloud servers
  • You don’t need install a single software component on your network for it to communicate with the license manger
  • We configure everything for you; it’s all part of the service


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