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Supported License Managers

List of License Managers that OpenLM can Monitor

OpenLM provides monitoring, auditing, reporting and management capabilities for engineering software running under all the leading license managers.OpenLM provides real-time license usage monitoring, license usage history reporting, group usage reporting and project usage reporting for all license managers. Other functionality varies from one license manager to another. The table below shows the functionality supported for each one.

Additionally, monitoring and control of applications not listed can be done through the OpenLM App Manager.

Also, you might like to take a look at the engineering software vendors we monitor.

License ManagerLicense Denials ReportingReport ResolutionBorrowed License ReportingExpiration Date ReportingMultiple Server Redundancy SupportToken License Support
Flexera Flexnet (FLEXlm)YesBy secondYesYesYesYes
IBM LUMYesBy minuteYesYesYesNo
Sentinel HASPNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
Sentinel RMSYes, from v4By second from v4YesYesNoNo
Reprise RLMYes, from v4By second from v4NoYesNoNo
LM-XNoBy minuteNoYesNoYes
DSLSYesBy minuteYesYesYesYes
BetaLMYes, from v4By secondNoYesNoNo
MathLMNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
EasyCopyNoBy secondYesYesNoNo
ProgeCADNoBy secondYesYesNoNo
Intergraph SPLMNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
SolidWorks EPDMNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
CodemeterNoBy minuteNoYesNoNo
OpenText (Spicer)NoBy secondNoNoNoNo
License4JNoBy minuteYesYesNoNo
LS-DYNAYes, from v4By minuteNoYesNoNo
AMPNoBy secondYesYesNoNo
OSKANoBy secondYesYesNoNo
SlickEditNoBy minuteYesNoNoNo
SEH-UTNNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
GreenhillsNoBy minuteNoYesNoNo
BentleyNoBy minuteNoNoNoNo
LicmanNoBy secondNoYesNoNo
OlicenseNoBy secondNoYesNoNo
EPLANYesBy secondYesNoNoNo
Nvidia License Manager
Altuim License Manager