Supported License Managers

List of License Managers that OpenLM can monitor

OpenLM provides monitoring, auditing, reporting and management capabilities for engineering software running under all the leading license managers.

OpenLM provides real-time license usage monitoring, license usage history reporting, group usage reporting and project usage reporting for all license managers. Other functionality varies from one license manager to another. The table below shows the functionality supported for each one.

The table below shows the functionality supported for each one.

* Show named license allocation

S.No. License Manager License Denials Reporting Report Resolution Borrowed License Reporting Expiration Date Reporting Multiple Server Redundancy Support Token License Support Allocation
1. Flexera Flexnet (FLEXlm) By second
2. IBM LUM By minute
3. Sentinel HASP By minute
4. Sentinel RMS By second
5. Reprise RLM By second
6. LM-X By minute
7. DSLS By minute
8. BetaLM By second
9. MathLM By minute
10. EasyCopy By second
11. ProgeCAD By second
12. Intergraph SPLM By minute
13. SolidWorks EPDM By minute
14. Codemeter By minute
15. OpenText (Spicer) By second
16. License4J By minute
17. LS-DYNA By minute
18. AMP By second
19. OSKA By second
20. SlickEdit By minute
21. SEH-UTN By minute
22. Greenhills By minute
23. Bentley By minute
24. Licman By second
25. Olicense By second
26. EPLAN By second
27. Nvidia License Manager By minute
28. Altium License Manager By minute
29. Autodesk Token-Flex By day
30. Autodesk Cloud* By minute
31. Office365 Cloud* By minute
32. ArcGis Online By second
33. Flexnet Embedded (FNE) By second
34. Sparx By minute
35. TASKING License Manager (TLM)* By minute
36. ESPRIT By minute
37. Zoo License Manager By minute
38. COSCOM By second
39. Moldex3D By second
40. GEOVIA By minute
41. AEScripts By second
42. JetBrains By minute
43. Altair By second
44. Altiva By second
45. UniSim By minute
46. Houdini By minute
47. LiMBR By minute
48. Venturis By second
49. FVA-Workbench By minute
50. INTES PERMAS By minute
51. IPGLock License Manager By second
52. Sentinel SuperPro License Manager By minute
53. Siemens SIMATIC By minute
54. Juniper By minute
55. Sparx Pro By second
56. Innovyze By minute
57. Hardlock By second
58. Tweak By second
59. GitLab² By minute
60. Re: Vision Effects By minute
61. pure::variants By minute
62. Comos By second
63. Tebis TG Start time: by second end time: by minute
64. Seisware start time: by second end time: by minute
65. Razorcat By minute
66. Datamine By second
67. DSLS Cloud By minute
68. Hosted HyperWorks Units By minute
69. IBM Jazz

Rib Presto

71. Siemens Polarion

Oracle Enterprise Manager

By second
73. tNavigator By second

Peloton RigView

By second
75. MSC Licensing Helium By second
76. Chaos V-Ray By second

If you are not sure OpenLM can manage a particular application you are using, please contact us by chat or leave a message.

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