Interfacing the SEH - UTN license dongle server – KB4001u
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Interfacing the SEH – UTN license dongle server – KB4001u

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OpenLM supports license monitoring of a wide and ever growing variety of license managers, such as FlexLM and DSLS. This application note elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the SEH UTN license dongle server in order to monitor license usage and availability and extract license statistics.


1. SEH – UTN license dongle server

The SEH hardware ”Dongle Server” component serves as a hub and access point for multiple license dongle USB keys. This solution provides:

  • Connection of license dongles to multiple workstations and users.
  • Switching of license allocation according to requirements
  • Safe and unique storage for multiple dongle keys

OpenLM has teamed up with SUH to provide clear and accurate license usage and statistics reporting for license dongle users.


2. SEH Control Center

The SEH license dongle server is configured via a web page interface, named  the “Control Center”. An image of this web page (as grabbed from the SEH website) is attached below:

In this example, the following items should be observed:

  • The license dongle server’s IP address is The Server name is IC0D1F0B.
  • The UTN port number is 9200
  • Each device will have a name declaration noted in the “Attached devices” window.

The OpenLM system should be configured according to the items above in order to monitor SEH licenses.


3. Interfacing

In order to set OpenLM to monitor the SEH license dongle server, both the OpenLM Server and Broker need to be employed.


3.1. OpenLM Server configuration tool

On the OpenLM server configuration tool:

1. Select the License Servers tab, and Click Add.

2. From the Type drop-down menu, select “OpenLM Generic”

3. Type a descriptive name in the description text box, e.g. “My SEH server”

4. Set the timezone to where the SEH server physically resides, e.g. Pacific time.

5. Fill in the Hostname and Port numbers, e.g. my_seh_server and 9200 respectively.

6. Is Triad Configuration should be left clear.

7. Use Broker: checked.

8. Click Apply.


3.2. OpenLM Broker configuration

  • The OpenLM Broker needs to be installed on a server or workstation on the organization’s network.
  • This machine needs to have access to both the OpenLM Server and the SEH license dongle server’s “Control Center’s” web page and UTNM executable file.
  • Note that the UTNM executable file doesn’t provide Host / User details when run on a machine that uses a license dongle. Therefore, the OpenLM Broker should not be installed on the same workstation that consumes dongle licenses.



The OpenLM Broker is a Java application, and can therefore run on Windows or UNIX / Linux license servers. Please refer to the OpenLM Broker Application Note for installation information.

1. Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version.

2. Configure The OpenLM Broker to interface the license server and the OpenLM Server

2a. The license server name and port number should be configured exactly as they were on the OpenLM Server configuration tool i.e.: and 9200 respectively.

2b. The OpenLM hostname and port (e.g. OpenLM_Server and the default 5015)

3. Go to the Commands node. Enter or browse to the path where the utnm.exe file is located on the SEH license dongle host machine. Click Update then Apply.

4. Check that the ‘Status’ and “data_inquiry” commands are depicted as below.

5. Click Restart Broker.


4. Verifying the SEH interface configuration in EasyAdmin

To check the functionality of the SEH Server reporting in OpenLM:

1. Open the EasyAdmin web application.

2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets→ License servers. The License Servers window appears. Verify that the configured license dongle server appears on the list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to a SEH license dongle server.

3. The Feature names listed on various EasyAdmin report windows (e.g. Licenses, “License Usage” and “License Activity”) should match the device names listed on the Control Center’s “Attached devices” dialog.


Your OpenLM system is now configured to provide SEH licensing information. If you require further assistance on this subject, please contact , and our team will be glad to assist.

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