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How to Backup OpenLM Server – MariaDB with HeidiSQL – HT890

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Whenever an upgrade is planned or required, please make sure that the database is backed up. This action is strongly recommended in order to avoid any data loss during the upgrading process.
To do so, perform the steps below:

1. Open up the Windows Services and stop the OpenLM Server Service.


Windows Services


2. Go to Windows Start -> MariaDB -> HeidiSQL.

a. Enter the following details: User, Password, Port.

b. Select the Database name.


Heidi SQL Session manager


c. Click on Open.

d. If the following pop-up window appears, click on Yes.


Pop up


The connection to the database has been established!

3. Right-click on the database name and select ‘Export database as SQL’ as shown below:


Export database as SQL


4. Check the box ‘Create’ as shown below.

a. Data: Replace existing data

b. Output: ZIP compressed .sql file

c. Select the folder where the database backup file will be stored.




5. Once the backup process is completed, it will show a message at the bottom ‘Compressing done.’ Click on Close.



Unmanaged OpenLM


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