KB FAQ - Where is my FlexLM Debug log file ?
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KB FAQ – Where is my FlexLM Debug log file ?

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The FlexLM debug log presents license usage information, e.g. license denials and accurate time of license check-out and check-in. In order to obtain this data, the debug log file needs to be created on the Network License Manager machine, and the OpenLM Broker needs to read it and propagate it to the OpenLM Server.

Create a FlexLM debug log file

The debug file is not created by default. The creation and location of the debug log file needs to be done explicitly. This can be done using the FlexLM LMTOOLs UI.

The following is a case study example for Autodesk.

1. Open the LMTools application: Start – Programs – Autodesk – Network License Manager – Tools – LMTools

2. Select “Service/Licensed File”  → “Configuration using Services”.

3. Select “Configure  Services ?” and define the location of the debug log file. Insert a path to a location of your choice. Although the file can be placed anywhere it is recommended use below steps in order to create a LOG folder and log file. After you created this folder it will show you three folders:

3a. \Program Files\Autodesk\Network License Manager\Docs

3b. \Program Files\Autodesk\Network License Manager\License

3c. \Program Files\Autodesk\Network License Manager\Log

4. Click on the Browse button for the “Path to the debug log file” option

5. Changed file types to “All Files”.

6. Browse to the \Program Files\Autodesk\Network License Manager\License folder

7. Select “Create New Folder”, Create a folder called “Log”

8. Open the “Log” Folder and Right click → New → Text Document.

9. Rename the newly created document to a name such as debug.log. Select the newly created file and click “Open”.

10. Make sure that debug logging is enabled in the FlexLM Options file.. If it has the NOLOG line, with a DENIED flag please remove it, and ‘Reread’ the FlexLM Options file.

11. Now that the debug.log is assigned change to the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab, stop and start the Server.The file will now be used for tracking license usage information and errors.

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