Monitor concurrent license usage of IBM SPSS Statistics - KB
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Monitor concurrent license usage of IBM SPSS Statistics – KB

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What is IBM SPSS Statistics ?

IBM SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis. The software was originally produced by SPSS in 1970, and was labeled “ Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” (SPSS), reflecting its original purpose. SPSS predominantly set the standards for computing and data analysis in the field of social sciences, and has since been applied for a wider span of disciplines, e.g. public health and market research.

The software was was acquired by IBM in 2009, and is now officially named IBM SPSS Statistics. It is popular with market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, and data miners of sorts.

The main features of the basic SPSS software include

  • Descriptive statistics: Cross tabulation, Frequencies, Descriptives, Explore, Descriptive Ratio Statistics
  • Bivariate statistics: Means, t-test, ANOVA, Correlation (bivariate, partial, distances), Nonparametric tests
  • Prediction for numerical outcomes: Linear regression
  • Prediction for identifying groups: Factor analysis, cluster analysis (two-step, K-means, hierarchical), Discriminant
  • Data management and data documentation tools


Monitoring SPSS licenses

In a question addressed to the IBM Support portal, the subject was “How to monitor concurrent license usage of IBM SPSS Statistics?” The answer was that the user would need to crop the RMS log file manually and feed it to a parser.

This approach is outdated, laborious and lacking the real-time characteristics required in modern license monitoring solutions.


The OpenLM advantage

OpenLM provides direct monitoring of the Sentinel RMS license manager. Simply configure OpenLM to address the SPSS license server and port number, and OpenLM will take it from there. For more information, please refer to this Application note:

Configuring OpenLM to interface the Sentinel RMS license manager – AN3001e

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