FAQ-Checking out license but can't see usage report
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FAQ – Currently checking out a license, but can’t see its usage reported in the Group usage window

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Q: The screenshot shows a user (me) with a currently consumed license entry and membership of group ‘A’.

The Group Usage screen has group ‘A’  selected but shows no usage time. What is going on here ?


A – Here are a few ideas:

1. Currently consumed licenses shows real time usage. Usage reports (groups and project usage included) present historical usage. So you won’t get that usage information transferred to the groups’ report before the session has ended.

2. A users’ usage time is accumulated and attributed only to a single group: that’s the default group. Please go to start –> Users & groups –> Users –> select the user –> Click the Edit user icon –> Groups tab. Make sure you’ve got the default group right, i.e.  group ‘A’ is green.

3. Group usage is not accumulated retroactively, i.e. it will not show accumulated feature usage data of a user as part of group usage prior to the event of introducing group ‘A’ by either synchronization of OpenLM to your AD or manual creation.

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