Monitoring Bentley SELECT License Manager with OpenLM

What is Bentley? #

Bentley is a software company that specializes in products for the civil engineering and infrastructure construction industry. Bentley’s products apply to all disciplines in the construction industry, interfacing with architects, engineers, and operations managers.

Bentley Systems is based in the United States and owns offices in over 50 countries around the world.

Bentley was originally founded by the brothers Keith and Barry Bentley who were Intergraph veterans; their primary product enhanced Intergraph’s graphic display capabilities. After that – they moved to develop their Intergraph compatible CAD tool for desktop machines.

Bentley’s products span over a great variety of applications; from geospatial and mapping in the preliminary design stages of a project, through the conceptual design of plants and structures to operation analysis of the proposed design.


Supported Bentley Software features #

Bentley licensing is based on SELECT Server license manager which is offered in two versions, either on-premise or a cloud version. Both versions provide users with a web-based interface that administers control and reporting.

OpenLM provides complementary services to organizations that use SELECT Server licenses. This service adds capabilities that are supported both with the on-premise version and the cloud version of the software.

– OpenLM fully supports Micro stations, STAAD.

– OpenLM does support under some circumstances MicroStation-based products like RailRoads and InTracks.


Benefits of OpenLM for Bentley solution #

1. Avoid overspending on Bentley licenses, as it helps better manage the Bentley bucket system.
2. Offers direct control over license checkout events based on time, group, application, version and etc.
3. OpenLM solution can release the license once the workstation is hibernating, ensuring that another Bentley bucket does not get filled after the user goes home.


Applications Manager in Bentley system #

Please see the following link with a detailed description of Applications Manager features that are applied in the Bentley system – 


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