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What is Reprise RLM? #

Reprise’s flagship product is the RLM license manager. It controls the allocation of licenses by allowing a product to check out and check in a named license. The license manager keeps track of which users and computers can use these licenses, and, if the license is a floating license, the license manager keeps track of how many copies of the license are in use.

RLM resembles FlexNet in certain aspects, such as the structure of license server commands, and the content of license files, options files, and log files. This is to be expected, as the team at Reprise developed FlexNet Publisher when they worked at GLOBEtrotter. However, the new product was developed to be as simple and flexible as possible, avoiding some of the features that make Flexera complex and time-consuming to implement.

OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring Reprise RLM Licenses:-

  • Denials Reporting Yes
  • Report resolution By Second
  • Borrowed License reporting No
  • Expiration Date reporting Yes
  • Multiple Server Redundancy Support No
  • Token License Support No

Reprise RLM is only one of over 70 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.


Who is Reprise?

Reprise RLM is one of the 4 main suppliers to the license management market. The company was founded by the developers of GLOBEtrotter, who developed Flexera’s FlexNet. When developing RLM, their flagship product, they used their previous experience to develop a product that was both as simple and flexible as possible, yet reliable and secure. They have also launched RLMCloud, which is hosted by themselves.

Reprise was founded in 2006 and is based in California. They have over 600 customers, including Schlumberger, Exa, Lanner and Tektronix.


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