Monitoring IBM Rational token based licenses – KB4001a2

Token licenses are a form of floating license, only that instead of having a pool of licenses they have a pool of tokens. When a feature is checked-out, a predefined amount of tokens is consumed. The number of consumed tokens is specific to each feature and is apparent in the feature/Increment line in the license file. When the application is closed, the tokens are returned to the pool for other end users to use.


Changes made in TLSTOK reporting

The IBM Rational licenses are managed by the FlexLM license manager. As such, OpenLM is capable of monitoring IBM Rational license consumption and provide usage reports on the EasyAdmin web application.

The process of interfacing the FlexLM license manager is elaborated in this article.

In previous versions, OpenLM would only present the IBM Rational token feature (TLSTOK), and would not elaborate on the consumption of actual features within TLSTOK. From OpenLM 3.1 update, OpenLM treats the TLSTOK feature as package, and all its token based features as part of that package.



In order to obtain IBM Rational feature usage reports, the OpenLM system must be configured to

1. Monitor the IBM Rational Flexlm license manager

2. Employ an OpenLM Broker on the license server machine and

3. Read the IBM Rational license file.

Please read the following Application note for more information:

Configuring OpenLM to interface the FlexLM license manager

Specifically, relate to the “OpenLM Broker configuration for FlexLM” and “Obtaining License file information” paragraphs.

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