Monitor FlexLM License Manager Configured with Lmadmin Service
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Monitoring the FlexLM License Manager Configured with the Lmadmin Service

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When using OpenLM to monitor the FlexLM license manager that is configured with the lmadmin service (lmadmin.exe), end-users need to set specific permissions. So, if a customer wants to enjoy some of the OpenLM’s administration capabilities, he/she needs to configure lmadmin to allow that. These permissions are set automatically when using the lmgrd.exe with FlexLM, but when using lmadmin, they are not configured to automatically allow administration actions and when trying to stop the license server or remove a license, the action is denied by the license manager with this error:

         [You are not a license administrator. (-63 199)]

In order to enable remote the administration and suspend the functionality, the OpenLM Server requires the following changes:

  1. To start lmadmin with the following switch values:
  • adminOnly – no
  • allowStopServer – yes
  • allowRemoteStopServer – yes
  • allowLicenseReclaim – yes


2. If you use lmadmin as windows service, apply the following command to change its default behavior:

sc config <name od lmadmin service> binpath="C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager\lmadmin.exe -adminOnly no -allowStopServer yes -allowRemoteStopServer yes -allowLicenseReclaim yes"

Note: Before running this command, it is necessary to have the administrator’s permission, then to stop the lmadmin service and restart it afterwards.


sc config lmadmin binpath="<path of lmadmin>\lmadmin.exe -adminOnly no -allowStopServer yes -allowRemoteStopServer yes -allowLicenseReclaim yes"
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