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KB FAQ – Is OpenLM secure ?

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OpenLM is a license usage monitoring tool. It provides clarity to license administrators on their license inventory, license usage and denied license requests.

OpenLM can also be configured to interface the organization’s LDAP, and present users’ properties according to the contents of an  Active Directory.

Given that, it is only rational for IT personnel to query what are the security measures that OpenLM has taken to avoid such information from leaking.

  1. The OpenLM interface is password protected.
  2. OpenLM will not create any unauthorized connection by itself. In fact it will not send anything outside the organization’s network.
  3. OpenLM does not require Internet access for normal activity, and can be installed on a machine blocked from WWW. Functions that are not substantial for normal activity such as the OpenLM tutorial page may be disabled.
  4. Communication between remote OpenLM modules may be directed to secure and encrypted SSL communication.
  5. Communication with the Organization’s LDAP database may also be conducted over SSL.

The above shows that OpenLM provides a secure and reliable method for gathering your license statistics information.



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