Monitoring ArcGIS Online License Manager with OpenLM

For monitoring ArcGIS Online License Manager with OpenLM, there are 3 parameters received and processed by OpenLM from the “ArcGIS Online” LM.


OpenLM will incorporate the feature’s license quantity and license usage. Below you can see instructions on how to obtain usage and allocation data for each ArcGIS Online.


For more info, please check out our supported license managers page.



Note: OpenLM can’t monitor accounts with 2-factor authentication (2FA). Make sure the 2FA in your account is turned off.



How to add the ArcgGis Online LM in OpenLM #

  1. Navigate to your EasyAdmin User InterfaceStartAdministrationLicense Manager Servers.
  2. Click ‘Add LM’ to add a new server to be monitored.
    Adding a new LM
  3. Give the license manager a descriptive name under ‘Display Name’.
  4. Select the “ArcGIS Online” license manager type from the dropdown Type menu.
  5. Under “LM Address”, input the admin portal:
  6. Enter ArcGIS Online Account admin credentials (Username and password).
  7. Select the time zone of the License Manager server.
  8. Click ‘TEST Connection’. A successful result will look like this:Test Results
  9. Click ‘SAVE
  10. All the relevant server and its usage and/or allocation data should appear in all reports within minutes.

Test Results

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