Interfacing the ArcGIS Online license manager - HT901
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Interfacing the ArcGIS Online license manager – HT901

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1. Scope

OpenLM supports monitoring of a wide and ever-growing variety of license managers. This application note describes the steps for interfacing the ArcGIS Online license manager with OpenLM so that license usage and license statistics may be collected.


2. Interfacing ArcGIS Online

For interfacing with “ArcGIS Online”, there are 3 parameters which are received and processed by OpenLM. Feature license quantity and license usage are incorporated by default, but the administrator can decide whether to gather and display allocated licenses as used licenses or not.

Please note that these options can be configured in parallel, where the administrator will be able to view allocated licenses as used – as well as unused – at the same time.

The following steps will demonstrate how to interface the “ArcGIS Online” license manager, and how to toggle allocated usage:

1. Open up the “OpenLM Server Configuration” tool.

2. Click ‘Add’ to add a new server to be monitored.

3. Select the “ArcGIS Online” license manager type from the dropdown menu.

4. Give the license manager a descriptive name under ‘Description’.

5. Select the time zone of the License Manager server.

6. Under “Hostname”, input the “ArcGIS Online” admin portal including the port 443 as suffix, as such: (where #### is your organization name as per the ArcGIS Online login URL – see the section below this one for clarification)

7. Tick the checkbox named “Show named users allocations as usage” if you would like OpenLM to incorporate and report allocated licenses as used. Leave it unchecked if you only want to see existing sessions *

8. If you ticked the box from the previous step, under ‘Port’ input ‘2’ then click on the adjacent ‘Set’ button. Otherwise, input ‘1’.

9. Enter admin credentials (Username, password and password confirmation) and tick the “Is secure connection (https)” box.

10. Click ‘Apply’.

11. Open the OpenLM User Interface to see the relevant server and its usage in all reports.

* Please note that both options can be represented in OpenLM by simply adding another license server with the same credentials but with a different port and ticking the “Show named users allocations as usage” checkbox.

ArcGIS Online configuration options for when you want to gather only usage data


ArcGIS Online configuration options for when you want to gather allocation data as usage


2. Finding out your ArcGIS Online license manager URL

  1. Go to the ArcGIS login page:
  2. Enter your credentials and click “Sign In”
  3. You will be redirected to your company’s ArcGIS Online page. The format is usually: {organization_name} or {organization_name}{Port}/home/signin.html

ArcGIS custom hostname URL for your organization


3. Verifying the ArcGIS Online connection in EasyAdmin

1. Open EasyAdmin by going to Windows Start → OpenLM → OpenLM Easy Admin User Interface

2. Click the EasyAdmin Start → Widgets → License Servers

Selecting the License Server window in OpenLM's EasyAdmin

3. The “License Servers” window will appear:

The License Server with ArcGIS Online being monitored successfully.

Verify that the configured ArcGIS Online license manager appears on the list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to the license server.

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