What is DSLS ?

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What is DSLS?

DSLS (Dassault Systemes License Server) is Dassault Systemes’ proprietary license management application. This tool is in charge of enrolling Dassault licenses on the server; Dassault applications that are installed on end-user workstations communicate with the license server over the network. The license server either grants or denies a license from the client, based on license availability and license agreement compliance.

One of the major drawbacks of DSLS was that it did not support virtual servers, because they felt it compromised the security of their licenses, despite growing pressure from their customers. This was reviewed in 2018 and DSLS now supports virtual servers, making the life of license managers at a site that uses 3DS products much easier.

OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring DSLS Licenses:-

  • Denials Reporting Yes
  • Report resolution By Minute
  • Borrowed License reporting Yes
  • Expiration Date reporting Yes
  • Multiple Server Redundancy Support Yes
  • Token License Support Yes

DSLS is only one of over 70 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.


Who is Dassault?

French company Dassault was incorporated in the 1970s, when it was best known as an operator in the aviation space, with its iconic Mirage aircraft, adopted and adopted by defense forces across the globe. Through a partnership with IBM to develop CATIA in the late seventies, it has evolved into a major engineering software vendor, supplying solutions to many industries such as Dassault Systemes. Over the years they have acquired many engineering software companies, some of which used different license managers, such as FlexNet, but have their own license manager, called DSLS. Dassault Systemes (3DS) has focused on 3D modeling within the PLM (project lifecycle management) value chain, the “3D Experience”. They have over 250,000 enterprise customers, with about 10 million on-premise and 100 million online users. Products include 3DExcite, 3DExperience, Catia, BioVia, Simulia (formerly Abaqus) and Solidworks.

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