Monitoring the GEOVIA License Manager with OpenLM- KB819

This document describes the steps required to monitor the GEOVIA License Manager with OpenLM in order to obtain license usage statistics.

Requirements #

To query the GEOVIA License Manager the following components must be installed:

  1. OpenLM Server v5.6 or higher installed on a machine in your organization or a Cloud Account.
  2. OpenLM Broker v4.10 or higher is installed on the same machine as the GEOVIA License Manager.

Monitoring capabilities and features #

The current monitoring capabilities available for GEOVIA License Manager through OpenLM Broker are as follows:

Feature Resolution License totals License usage Denials Reporting Borrowed License Reporting Expiration Date Reporting Multiple Server Redundancy
Support By second ✔*

* – license totals are reported according to the “max” concurrent license limit for all versions; individual version limits are not counted. Classes are not currently supported.

Additionally, using the Broker component allows for buffered communication and the ability to remotely start/stop the license manager service.

OpenLM Broker configuration #

How OpenLM interfaces with GEOVIA License Manager
Diagram of how OpenLM interfaces with the GEOVIA License Manager

OpenLM Broker queries the license manager locally. This is done through the GEOVIA License Manager tool (NetworkLicenceManager) and the GEOVIA log file (ssilm.log). Once this data is collected, it is sent to OpenLM Server for processing.

Please note that OpenLM Broker must already be installed and configured to report to OpenLM Server before proceeding further.

Automatic OpenLM Broker configuration

OpenLM Broker supports the automatic configuration of the GEOVIA License Manager.

  1. Click Detect in the bottom right corner of the Broker configuration tool window:
  2. If the GEOVIA License Manager process or service is started, Broker will automatically create a port node with all the required settings.
  3. Click Apply to commit the changes.
  4. Click Restart Broker to send changes to OpenLM Server.
  5. It is recommended to manually check the automatic configuration by going to Commands → data_query and clicking Execute. There should be no errors in the output window.

Manual OpenLM Broker configuration

If auto-detect did not work, you can also add and configure the license manager manually. To do so:

  1. Click Add Port.
  2. Enter the GEOVIA License Manager port number (default: 1234).
  3. Select GEOVIA from the “License Manager Type” drop-down menu. Click Apply.
  4. Select Commands. In the “Update path for commands” field enter or browse to the GEOVIA\LicenceManager\##.#\Bin path where you have installed GEOVIA. This is where NetworkLicenceManager.exe is located. ##.# indicates the version number (e.g. 14.7). Click Update.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Select “Vendor Name to Be Filled” under Vendors. Enter Dassault Systemes in the “Vendor Name” field. This can be changed to any descriptive text and will be seen in the EasyAdmin reports. Click Apply.
  7. Select the Log Files node and click on Add Log File.
  8. Select the “log” node that has just been created. Click […] and browse to the path where the ssilm.log file is located. (typically C:\Users\Public\GEOVIA\LicenceManager\share\etc\ssilm.log)
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click Restart Broker.
  11. Follow the steps in section 4 (“OpenLM Server configuration”), below.

OpenLM Broker settings for GEOVIA License Manager


Alternative: Manual OpenLM Broker Web UI configuration


  1. Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the installation and configuration instructions on the OpenLM Broker configuration guide.
  2. Access your Broker web UI instance (http://localhost:5090/).
  3. Navigate to the License Managers tab.
  4. By default, if the license manager service is running, using the Broker’s “Detect” function should find and configure the GEOVIA license manager automatically.
  5. If the Detect button did not work, follow the steps below:
  6. In the License Managers tab, click Add License Manager. A pop-up will appear. From the LM type drop-down list, select GEOVIA. Input the port number and click ADD.
  7. The ADD LICENSE MANAGER configuration window appears.
  8.  Switch to the Commands tab. In the Executable path field, type in the GEOVIA\LicenceManager\##.#\Bin path where you have installed GEOVIA. This is where NetworkLicenceManager.exe is located. ##.# indicates the version number (e.g. 14.7).
  9. Switch to the Vendors tab. Click Add Vendor. A pop-up appears. Type in “Dassault Systemes” or other free text for the Vendor name then click CONTINUE.
  10.  Click SAVE.
  11. Follow the steps in section 4 (“Configuring OpenLM Server”), below.

OpenLM Server configuration #

Automatic OpenLM Server configuration through EasyAdmin

If you have followed the steps in the section above, OpenLM Broker should now be transmitting data to OpenLM Server. The final step is to approve the configuration in EasyAdmin:

  1. Open the EasyAdmin interface either by accessing http://<OpenLM Server>:5015 in your browser or through Windows Start → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface
  2. In the License Manager – Server window select There are # servers pending approval.
  3. Edit the Pending LM by double-clicking on the pending line or selecting the Pencil icon.
  4. The Display name can be updated to a more friendly description (free text field) Please select Approve.


At this point, the GEOVIA License Manager has been automatically added to OpenLM Server and configuration is complete.

Manual OpenLM Server configuration

If the automatic configuration has failed, you can manually configure OpenLM Server to connect to the OpenLM Broker installation located on the GEOVIA License Manager machine. This is done manually via the OpenLM Server configuration tool (Windows Start → OpenLM → OpenLM Server).

The hostname and port settings must match those that have been configured for OpenLM Broker.

Adding a GEOVIA License Manager server

  1. From EasyAdmin Start -> Administration -> LicenseManager Servers.
  2. Click Add LM.
  3. From the Type drop-down menu, select GEOVIA.
  4. Insert a description in the Description text box (e.g. “GEOVIA License Manager”)
  5. Set the Time Zone to where the GEOVIALM physically resides.
  6. Enter the Hostname and Port number of the machine where the GEOVIA License Manager is installed. These must be exactly the same as configured for Broker in the previous section.
  7. Allow server fall back to denied license: off.
  8. Use Broker toggle: on.
  9. Click Save and close the Edit License Manager Panel.

OpenLM Server is now configured to monitor the incoming data from OpenLM Broker.

How to verify your GEOVIA License Manager configuration #

To check if the GEOVIA License Manager is monitored correctly:

  1. Open the EasyAdmin web application (access http://<OpenLM Server hostname>:5015 in your browser)
  2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets → License Manager -Servers. Verify that the configured license manager(s) appears in the server list. A green Up to date indicates an active connection to the license server.

Please note that sometimes it may take up to 3 minutes for the status indicator to change if this is a new connection.

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