Interfacing the Autodesk Cloud license manager - HT902
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Interfacing the Autodesk Cloud license manager – HT902

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OpenLM supports monitoring of a wide and ever-growing variety of license managers. This application note describes the steps for interfacing the Autodesk Cloud license manager with OpenLM so that license allocation can be monitored. If you want to monitor license usage as well, please follow this guide for interfacing cloud-based license managers with OpenLM.

In order to get license allocation information, the OpenLM Server needs to be connected to the “Autodesk Cloud” admin portal. Here is how to set it up:

1. Open up the “OpenLM Server Configuration” tool.

2. Click ‘Add’ to add a new server to be monitored.

3. Select the “Autodesk Cloud” license manager type from the dropdown menu.

4. Give the license manager a descriptive name under ‘description

5. Select the time zone of the License Manager server.

6. Under “Hostname”, input the “Autodesk Cloud” admin portal (

7. Under ‘Port’, input port ‘443’ then click on the adjacent ‘Set’ button.

8. Enter admin credentials (Username, password, password confirmation and check the HTTPS box)

9. Click ‘Apply’.

10. Open up the OpenLM User Interface in order to see the new license server which contains license allocation data.

OpenLM Server configuration for monitoring license allocation from Autodesk Cloud


Monitoring license allocation from Autodesk Cloud into OpenLM

“License Servers” window showing license allocation for Autodesk Cloud


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