What is ProgeCAD?

What is ProgeCAD?

ProgeCAD is Progesoft’s premier product, marketed as ProgeCAD Professional, ProgeCAD Architecture, and iCADMac for Apple Mac users. ProgeCAD is very compatible with AutoCAD but competitively priced and offers perpetual licensing, which is no longer offered by AutoDesk. The perpetual license does not require the customer to upgrade within a set period. If automatic upgrades are required, the customer can buy the annual maintenance plan, Icare Services. Licenses can be purchased as single-user or as network licenses, with a few permutations such as per site and per country.

OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring ProgeCAD Licenses:-

Denials Reporting No
Report resolution By Second
Borrowed License reporting Yes
Expiration Date reporting Yes
Multiple Server Redundancy Support No
Token License Support No

ProgeCAD is only one of over 70 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.


Who is Progesoft?

Progesoft is a Swiss company that started by supplying CAD software to ABB in 1985. In 1999 they were one of the founders of IntelliCAD, an open-source platform for CAD software companies that build .dwg-compatible APIs, and as such competes with AutoCAD. Other members of IntelliCAD include ZWcad and Stabiplan. Progesoft has an impressive customer list, starting with their original customer ABB, and including Airbus, Honda, NASA, and Samsung. Its compatibility with AutoCAD and Revit makes it a useful addition to the software portfolio, even for users of AutoDesk products. There are 3 basic products, progeCAD Professional, progeCAD Architecture, and iCADMac

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