Interfacing the Greenhills license manager - KB4001v
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Interfacing the Greenhills license manager – KB4001v

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1. Scope

OpenLM incorporates the capability to monitor usage of Greenhills licenses. There are two options to query this type of License Server:

1. The quick method:

Remotely query the license server from the OpenLM Server. This method only provides license usage information.

2. The robust method:

Query the license server locally by the OpenLM Broker and propagate the information back to the OpenLM Server. This option provides additional benefits, such as enhanced robustness to communication failure and bypassing of Networking and Security limitations. This method may provide additional benefits in the future, such as reading and parsing the Greenhills log files.


2. Interfacing the GreenHills license manager using OpenLM Server only

OpenLM Server interfacing directly with the LM


Configure the OpenLM server to remotely monitor the Greenhills license manager:

1. After installing the OpenLM Server, click the Windows Start → OpenLM → OpenLM Server. The OpenLM Server configuration tool opens.

2. Select the ”License Servers” tab, and click the ’Add’ button.

3. Type in the license server parameters (Type, Hostname or IP, Port number and time zone).  In the example below, these are (Greenhills, GH_license_server, 2009, and Pacific time) respectively. In order to find the Server name and port to be configured, you can open a command window on the Greenhills license server machine as an administrator, and run the following command:

"<full path>\lic_find_licenses.exe" -w -l <host name>

4. Type in a descriptive name for the license server, and click ’Apply’.

5. Select the Greenhills license server’s time zone (e.g. Pacific time) from the dropdown selection.

5. “Is Triad Configuration”: should be kept unchecked.

6. Use Broker unchecked.

7. Check the directory in which the license manager command line tool (Full path of the specific license inquiry program) is located.

8. Click Apply, and the consequent “Restart now” button.

The OpenLM Server is now set to monitor the Greenhills license manager. Check the License Server’s activity by clicking the ’Check’ button. A text would follow. This text is a query of the License server. It indicates whether a connection to that server is established, and the License server is active.


3. Interfacing the GreenHills license manager using OpenLM Server + OpenLM Broker

Configuring the OpenLM Server is usually enough for monitoring licensed applications. The OpenLM Broker is an optional component, which provides many benefits for monitoring different types of license managers.

In the case of the Greenhills license manager, the benefits of installing the OpenLM Broker are enhanced robustness to communication failure, through message buffering, and bypassing of Networking and Security limitations

How Broker interfaces with OpenLM Server


3.1. OpenLM Broker installation

Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the installation and configuration instructions on the OpenLM Broker Application Note.


3.2. OpenLM Server configuration for Greenhills

The OpenLM Server configuration will be exactly the same as performed in the previous method, i.e. without the Broker, except that the “Use Broker” box should be checked.


3.3. OpenLM Broker configuration for GreenHills

Configure the OpenLM Broker to interface the Greenhills license server and the OpenLM Server.

1. Click Add Port.

  1. Enter the port number as it was in the OpenLM Server configuration tool (e.g. GH_license_server and 2009 respectively)

2. The OpenLM hostname and port (e.g. OpenLM_Server and the default 5015)

3. The vendor name should be set correctly (e.g. “GHS”).

4. Inspect the status and data_inquiry commands. Verify the correctness of their full path (see image below) and click the ‘Execute’ button to check their functionality.

The OpenLM System is now configured to query the Greenhills license server locally via the OpenLM Broker and present license usage on the OpenLM EasyAdmin web application.

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