FAQ: OpenLM Workstation Agent Authorization

Q1: Do I need a unique authorization file for each Workstation Agent, or can a single “Agent” authorization file be used for all installations?

A1: You can use a single “Agent” authorization file for mass deployment of Workstation Agents. The authorization file is associated with the component itself rather than its installation.

Q2: When deploying multiple Agents with the same authorization file, the “Live Feed” logs in the Personal Dashboard are visible on all workstations using that file. Is this expected behavior?

A2: Yes, this behavior is expected. The “Live Feed” logs display communication between different Agents and the OpenLM Server. When you use the same authorization file for multiple Agents, you are essentially creating a global configuration that applies to all agents. This is why you can see identical live feed entries for different Workstation Agents.

Q3: How does the Workstation Agent work in a mass-deploy environment?

A3: In a mass-deploy environment, the central configuration is shared among all agents using the same authorization file. This means that changes made to the configuration will affect all the agents associated with that file. While the behavior remains consistent across agents at a high level, differences might arise at the level of end users, workstations, and the specific applications being used.

For example, you can configure a Workstation Agent to track applications A, B, and C. The live feed will display that the Workstation Agent is indeed tracking these applications. However, if there are special conditions set only for application C for a particular end-user or workstation, those conditions will be applied specifically to that scenario. For instance, you might set a unique license retrieval time for application C after a specified idle time.

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