Flexera Flexnet Publisher (FlexLM) version 11.12 SLOG: Summary Log statistics – KB

The FlexLM license manager produces Debug log files, which hold status information and error messages that are useful for debugging its activity. In version 11.12 Flexera added a few changes to the Debug logs; namely a set of global information entries that relate to the lmgrd daemon and to specific vendor daemons. These are referred to as SLOG: Summary Log statistics.


SLOG for lmgrd #

SLOG entries for the lmgrd daemon are prefixed by (@lmgrd-SLOG@).

These include:

  • Start timestamp
  • Version
  • ProcessID
  • Network Info (IPv4/IPv6 interface, License manager port)
  • Command-line options
  • list of license files
  • Is the license server running as a Windows’ service.


Example from an actual debug log file: #


7:47:03 (lmgrd) SLOG: Summary LOG statistics is enabled.

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) ===============================================

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === LMGRD ===

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Start-Date: Mon Oct 06 2014 07:47:04 Central Daylight Time

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) PID: 4756

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) LMGRD Version: v11.12.0.0 build 136775 x64_n6 ( build 136775 (ipv6))

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@)

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === Network Info ===

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Socket interface: IPV6

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Listening port: 27000

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@)

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === Startup Info ===

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Is LS run as a service: Yes

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Server Configuration: Single Server

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Command-line options used at LS startup: -c D:License2015License.lic -l D:Licensedebug -z -s

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) License file(s) used:  D:License2015License.lic

7:47:04 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) ===============================================


SLOG for vendor daemons #

Debug logs may be split and redirected according to Vendor daemons. This facilitates zooming in on vendor specific data. Vendor daemon specific SLOG entries are prefixed by (@<vendor>-SLOG@). These include:

  • Start timestamp
  • Version
  • ProcessID
  • Network info (IPv4/IPv6 interface, listening port, select timeout of vendor daemon)
  • Vendor daemon name
  • Options file used
  • Trusted storage accessed (yes/no)
  • Host name
  • Virtual/physical environment
  • (limited) Hypervisor info if virtual
  • Lmbind used (yes/no)
  • Number of restarts of the Vendor daemon since lmgrd startup
  • Number of rereads since vendor daemon was started (or restarted)
  • Last reread time
  • Reread initiation type (automatic versus lmreread).

Every 4 hours (and at vendor daemon shutdown) the following performance data entries are also logged:

  • Details of the 10 peak client transactions (including client hostname, user, transaction time, concurrent clients at time of transaction, memory usage (Windows only))
  • Peak concurrent clients served
  • High watermark memory usage (for Windows only)
  • Transaction time for the last 10 transactions.


Example from an actual Autodesk debug log file: #


7:47:21 (adskflex) SLOG: Statistics Log Frequency is 240 minute(s).

7:47:21 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) ===============================================

7:47:21 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) === Vendor Daemon ===

7:47:21 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Vendor daemon: adskflex

7:47:21 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Start-Date: Mon Oct 06 2014 07:47:21 Central Daylight Time

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) PID: 3008

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) VD Version: v11.12.0.0 build 136775 x64_n6 ( build 136775 (ipv6))

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@)

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) === Startup/Restart Info ===

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Options file used: None

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Is vendor daemon a CVD: No

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Is TS accessed: No

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) TS accessed for feature load: -NA-

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Number of VD restarts since LS startup: 0

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@)

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) === Network Info ===

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Socket interface: IPV6

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Listening port: 2080

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Daemon select timeout (in seconds): 1

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@)

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) === Host Info ===

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Host used in license file: 73YDBW1

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) Running on <Physical/Virtual>:  Physical

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) LMBIND needed: No

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) LMBIND port: -NA-

7:47:22 (adskflex) (@adskflex-SLOG@) ===============================================

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