Monitoring the Venturis License Manager with Broker

This document describes the steps required to monitor Venturis License Manager with  OpenLM and obtain license statistics.


To query the Venturis license manager the following components must be installed:

  1. OpenLM Server v21.x or higher installed on a machine in your organization.
  2. OpenLM Broker v21.x or higher is installed on the same machine as the Venturis license manager.


Monitoring Capabilities and Features

The monitoring capabilities available for the Venturis license manager through the OpenLM Broker are as follows:

Feature Resolution License totals License usage Denials Reporting Borrowed License Reporting Expiration Date Reporting Multiple Server Redundancy
Support By second


OpenLM Broker Configuration

Diagram of How OpenLM Interfaces with the Venturis License Manager.

OpenLM Broker reads the Venturis License log file. Once it has been read, the data is compiled and sent to OpenLM Server for processing. OpenLM Broker must already be installed and configured to report to OpenLM Server before proceeding further.

All license files will be configured in the manual license paths in OpenLM Broker. OpenLM Broker will read the log file and track session changes. The license file and Options file will be monitored for updates according to Watch Interval configured.

Manual OpenLM Broker Configuration

For the Manual OpenLM Broker Configuration, the license manager will be configured manually. The following steps detail the Manual OpenLM Broker Configuration required for the process:

  1. Click Add Port. Enter the Venturis port number (e.g. 27003).
  2. Select Venturis from the “License Manager Type” drop-down menu. Click Apply.
  3. Click Advanced then check the Set Path Manually box.
  4. Click Add to select the location/path for the Venturis license file and add the path for Venturis license file.
  5. Uncheck Watch License File.
  6. In the Vendors section, enter Venturis in the “Vendor Name” field.
  7. In the Options File Path, add the path to the Options File (e.g. venturis_lic_man.ini). Click […] and browse to the path where the Options File is located.
  8. Uncheck Watch Options File.
  9. Select the Log Files section and click Add Log File.9. Select the “log” node that has just been created. Click […] and browse to the path where the Venturis log file (e.g. venturis_licman.log) is located.
  10. Click Apply to commit the changes.
  11. Click Restart Broker to send the changes to OpenLM Server.

Additional: Configure the OpenLM Broker to monitor Venturis using Broker UI

  1. Access your Broker UI in Chrome/Edge/Firefox e.g: http://localhost:5090/.
  2. Navigate to the License Managers tab → Add License Manager. A pop-up appears.
  3. From the drop-down list select LM type Venturis and enter the Port number (ex: 2679)
  4. Click ADD.
  5. Settings tab options:
    a. Detect license file path automatically
    b. Set license file manually
    c. Allow license file sorting
    d. Watch License File
  6. Switch to Commands tab. In the Executable path, field input the actual path of the i4blt executable on the IBM LUM license server.
  7. Under Vendors, set the name correctly.
  8. Click on SAVE.


OpenLM Server Configuration

Automatic OpenLM Server Configuration through EasyAdmin

If you have followed the steps in the section above, OpenLM Broker should now be transmitting data to OpenLM Server. The final step is to approve the configuration in EasyAdmin. Open the EasyAdmin interface. In the License Servers window, click Approve to approve the added Venturis server.

At this point, Venturis is automatically added to OpenLM Server and configuration is complete.

Manual OpenLM Server Configuration

If the automatic configuration has failed, you can manually configure OpenLM Server to connect to the OpenLM Broker installation. The hostname and port settings must match those that have been configured for OpenLM Broker.

Adding Venturis Server

  1. Give a Display name.
  2. From the Type drop-down menu, select Venturis.
  3. Insert a description in the Description text box (e.g. “VenturisLM”)
  4. Set the Time Zone to where the license server physically resides.
  5. Enter the Hostname and Port number of the machine where the Venturis License Manager is configured in the Broker.
  6. Is Triad Configuration box: unchecked.
  7. Use Broker box: checked.
  8. Click Save.

OpenLM Server is now configured to monitor the incoming data from OpenLM Broker.

How to Verify Your Venturis Configuration

To check if the Venturis License Server is being monitored correctly:

  1. Open the EasyAdmin web application (access http://<OpenLM Server FQDN>:5015 or in your browser)
  2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets → License Manager Servers. Verify that the configured license manager(s) appears in the server list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to the license server.
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