OpenLM Features

OpenLM features are optional software modules that add enhanced functionality to Software License Management (SLM). They are available to all Software License Management (SLM) customers and may be purchased if and when needed.

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Unmanaged Processes

OpenLM supports the management and monitoring of a variety of license manager types, such as Flexera FlexLM, DSLS and Sentinel RMS. Since version 2.0, OpenLM has added the possibility of monitoring “unmanaged” software applications.   

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Roles & Permissions

Lets you allocate OpenLM functionality to different administrators. First define administration roles with different OpenLM capabilities and then grant roles to appropriate administrators as necessary. 

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Directory Sync

Lets you import user details from Windows Active Directory, including host and user names, OU’s and groups. Synchronized according to the frequency you specify (doesn’t require anything else) and works with multiple corporate AD domains.

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External DB Support

Lets you use your own external database instead of the standard built-in OpenLM database.     

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Reporting Hub

Provides advanced querying capabilities, extended data modeling, and report creation features that enable you to build robust data models, along with amazing reports that will amplify your business intelligence efforts.

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Define alerts and have them sent to the license administrator. Get notifications when certain criteria are met such as license about to expire, license used to 90% capacity, and more.               

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Group Usage

Gives you a usage reporting option by group. Groups can be custom defined in OpenLM or based on imported (synchronized) Active Directory OU’s and work groups.   

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Actual Usage

Lets you report how much time a license was consumed by a specific user for a specific session. Parameters include user idle time, CPU and data IO. Lets you report how much time a license was idle while in the hands of a user.             

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Project Usage

Gives you a usage reporting option by project. Projects are defined in OpenLM and users of engineering software can be forced to select the appropriate project when pulling a license.  

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Custom Commands

Custom Commands allow users to create functions for personalizing their OpenLM experience. This is an extremely flexible tool which allows users to run scripts for managing specialized situations for licenses and permissions that occur with changing usage status.

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