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Software Asset Management for Engineering Licenses & Web/SaaS Applications

Empowers you to achieve improved efficiency and maximize usage of your CAD, CAM, PLM, FEA, CAE, FlexLM, Dassault, AutoDesk, Ansys & other engineering and specialty software applications.


Want to minimize IT spending by tracking wasted licenses? 

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Is the minimum return our customers have received.
14 % ROI
Happy customers spread worldwide
1000 +
Industries served
1 +
Engineering and non-engineering software applications supported
20000 +

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OpenLM Software License Management

Efficiency. Monitoring. Cost-saving.

Welcome to the era of smart software license management. Uncover hidden savings by identifying underutilized licenses. Streamline workflows with automated license allocation and real-time usage insights.

Why OpenLM?

OpenLM Cloud-Based License Management Tool

The only cloud solution for license management of engineering and specialty applications.

Outstanding Support

24X6 OpenLM support engineers are available via email and 24/7 live chat support. Excellent support score of 4.5 out of 5.

75+ License Managers Supported

Other license managers may be added upon request.

OpenLM Integration with SAM Solutions

OpenLM works with premium SAM solutions such as ServiceNow and License Dashboard.

OpenLM Monitors Standalone/Node-Locked Application Usage

Get detailed license usage statistics for decentralized applications not using any license manager.

OpenLM Value-Added Services

Additional support and services available as per your specific business needs.

Flexibility in Database Management

Supports all major databases, including Maria DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL


OpenLM is available for Windows and Linux. Our Cloud version is hosted both in the EU and the US.

OpenLM Supports All License Types

Network/Floating, Cloud-Based, Named-User, Single-User/Node-Locked, Dongle, etc.


OpenLM vs FlexNet

OpenLM is the only real alternative to Flexera’s “FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications” for monitoring and controlling FlexLM licenses.

OpenLM Parser

Turn coded license or log files into human-readable reports

Just upload a license/log file, and receive a user-friendly representation of license features, usage data, sessions, expiration dates, denials, and more.

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OpenLM Case Studies

Save over €10,000 in the first year with OpenLM.

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Saved $150,000 on SOLIDWORKS MCAD with well over 2800% ROI.

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Saved $100 000

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$20,000 saving in annual licensing cost ROI seen in 6 months.

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