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Implement the best practices in software license management with OpenLM Consultancy Services

Software License Management is critical in the optimization of critical and costly engineering licenses. It helps in the overall efficiency of the operations and maximizes the ROI.


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Scope of the Service

OpenLM vs FlexNet Manager multiple-manager

Our experts come with years of experience and knowledge with engineering software & license management consultancy. This helps you with:

  1. Seamless implementation and integration of our solutions
  2. Identification of organizational KPIs for SLM best practices
  3. Analysis of reports, usage statistics
  4. Predictive analytics and optimization 
  5. Better preparedness for software renewals
  6. Recommendations for SLM practices for the management of costly engineering licenses

Organizations subscribing to OpenLM Consulting Services enjoy the following benefits:

  • Implementation of best practices of SLM to optimize their licenses and maximize the ROI.
  • Better preparedness for software renewals
  • More insights into the usage trends, more control on the licenses

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