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License monitoring, management and control

OpenLM software license management solutions for CAD, CAM, PLM, FEA, CAE softwares
It empowers you to achieve improved efficiency and maximize usage of your software.

OpenLM integration on ServiceNow

Starting from March 2020, OpenLM software is available on ServiceNow store. 

Are you a Moldex3D user?

Moldex3D-LM provides the option to integrate Moldex3D license utility with OpenLM.

15% Saving on
Software Cost

Avoid under licensing, take license procurement decisions based on detailed and transparent usage reports.
* Average reported reduce of software costs

Improve Resource

Full control over license usage, set denials or provide access to particular users, establish roles and permission for diverse groups.

Ensure License

Handle different licensing models, track borrowed licenses, accurately monitor license usage and inventory.

for Engineering Licensing

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing provides all the essential engineering software license tracking capabilities and reports for optimizing your software inventory.



Our application for monitoring and controlling the use of any software in the organization regardless of the licensing scheme in effect.
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License Allocation

Software product dedicated to the management of license allocation for a single user, a group of users or multiple groups of users.
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The software router for license managers. It gives you increased control in implementing application usage policies.
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Moldex3D LM Integration with OpenLM

Moldex3D-LM provides the options to integrate Moldex3D license utility with OpenLM that help IT manager, License administrator and end user to solve daily challenges of license management.

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What is FLEXlm? OpenLM support of FLEXlm

FlexNet Publisher (formerly known as FLEXlm) software is a prominent license management solution that enables software vendors to impose restrictions on the number of software seats available to their customers.

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List of License Managers that OpenLM can Monitor

OpenLM provides monitoring, auditing, reporting and management capabilities for engineering software running under all the leading license managers.

OpenLM Webinars and Workshops

See how to monitor the use of licensed software products
in your organization by joining a webinar.

Case Studies

Hundreds of companies around the world have already reduced costs thanks to OpenLM solutions.


“OpenLM has been an essential tool to manage and control the use of our licenses.”

Daniel R. Cadden
IT Director


“OpenLM has proven to save us time and money and within 6 months it paid for itself”

Wesley Berry
Assistant Director for IT Service Delivery


“OpenLM has helped us manage costs during a difficult transition period in the industry.”

Robert Welsford
IT Manager


“I can generate usage
reports quickly and get answers to management within minutes.”

Peggy M Garrett
Global CAD Manager


“IT had no visibility as to what was going on, i.e. they didn’t (couldn’t) know how many licenses were currently in use and by whom.”


“After successfully using OpenLM for almost 4 years, an integration of the
Nvidia licenses into
OpenLM looked perfect.”