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STATS - software licence usage stats at your fingertips

CONTROL - be in control of your software license allocation

BUDGET - maximize your budgets by avoiding over-licensing

OpenLM is a monitoring and management system for software licenses. It can monitor and analyze the usage of software in your organization and additionally allow you to enforce the usage policy of your floating licenses.

OpenLM Products

OpenLM Core

OpenLM App Manager

OpenLM License Router 

OpenLM Cloud

OpenLM is on the cloud too. Log in to our cloud system and get unrestricted license monitoring information about the engineering software running on your local workstations

App-Specific Features

AutoCAD            ArcGIS
SolidWorks        Bentley
IBM Rational      MATLAB

and more…

OpenLM's Software Licensing Blog

In the OpenLM Software Licensing Blog we keep you up to date with the latest news and discuss major trends in software license management.
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License Management Knowledge Base

Here you’ll find some of OpenLM’s best practices and publications regarding software license monitoring, management and reporting.

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How much does it cost? OpenLM is flexible and cost-effective to suit your organization. Site License, Professional, Enterprise and Cloud editions are available and you can choose only the extensions you are going to use.

See What Our Customers Say
“OpenLM proved to be a precious tool! We now have access to numbers, statistics and reliable information to make decisions and analyze problems with licenses.” Jorge Cunha, License Manager, University of Porto, Portugal

“We saw results immediately after implementing the OpenLM program.”

Chad Qualley,
CAD Manager at Houston Engineering, Inc.

“OpenLM has paid for itself within the first year of use and helped me save money through efficient use of licenses.”

David Brandt,
GIS Manager at the Washington County, Minnesota