Be at peace with your licenses!

Avail comprehensive management of your engineering licenses with OpenLM Engineering License Management Services

With OpenLM Engineering License Management Service, you can focus on what you do best—innovating and creating—while we handle the complexities of license management.

OpenLM Engineering License Management Services

Scope of the Service

License manager operations

- License manager upgrades: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements by seamlessly upgrading your license manager. - Installation services: Our team will handle the installation of license managers, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. - License file updates: Keep your licenses current with timely updates to support new software releases and maintain compatibility.
- Options file management and allocations: Optimize license allocations based on user needs and project requirements.
- Scheduling maintenance window: Plan and schedule maintenance windows to minimize disruptions and downtime.

License manager operations Icon

Basic maintenance of license server*

- OS upgrades: Ensure compatibility and security by managing operating system upgrades for your license server.
- Routine maintenance: Proactively address issues and perform routine maintenance to keep your license server in optimal condition.

*Applicable for enterprises, small and medium organizations

OpenLM Engineering License Management Services is a reliable and efficient service that helps manage engineering licenses with ease. It takes over the technical portion of the entire engineering license environment and streamlines things for the customers.

The OpenLM Engineering License Management Service can be availed either on a subscription model or hourly basis. The service also requires a statement of work (SoW) agreed upon by OpenLM and the customer to define all the commitments and responsibilities clearly.

Notably, OpenLM’s role is strictly confined to the license server. It solely assumes responsibility for the license server and the licensing system it runs, namely the license manager. OpenLM is explicitly not accountable for configuring the end-point, encompassing the end-user workstation, application configuration, and application support.

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