Seeking to enhance AutoDesk license monitoring transparency?

Switch to OpenLM Solution for AutoDesk

OpenLM Solution for AutoDesk helps you track AutoDesk licenses and enhance visibility across the organization.


For effective AutoDesk License monitoring, all you need is an AutoDesk standard subscription and OpenLM SLM to get the control on your Single-user subscription and Token flex licenses. Additionally, you can also get usage insights using OpenLM’s Advanced reporting.


3 major upgrades in AutoDesk Licensing models post-2017

Software collections:

AutoDesk no longer provides individual software modules. Instead, one has to opt for a collection of multiple applications based on their business needs. Currently, AutoDesk offers the following collections:

Name of the collection
Apps you get under this collection

1. Product, Design & and Manufacturing Collection (PDMC)

Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, 3ds Max and more

2. Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection (AECC)

Revit, InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Advance Steel and more
3. Media & Entertainment Collection (MEC)

Maya, 3ds Max, ReCap Pro, Arnold and more

Note that a single software application can feature in multiple collections. For example, you will get 3ds Max with both PDMC and MEC.

Change in license types:

AutoDesk gradually stopped giving floating and perpetual licenses after 2017. For using AutoDesk licenses, now you have to opt for either Single-user subscriptions (cloud-based named-user licenses) or Token-Flex.

Introduction of subscription plans:

When it comes to reporting, AutoDesk has introduced subscription plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Now enjoy premium AutoDesk benefits with just a Standard annual subscription

Thanks to OpenLM Solution for AutoDesk

If you seek premium Autodesk features in reporting but have a limited budget, don’t worry. Now you can access premium benefits with only a standard subscription of AutoDesk, provided you opt for OpenLM support.


Subscription usage reporting: See an aggregate summary of how many users are using each product and version, and the overall frequency of use for subscription seats.

Subscription usage reporting with user details: See which users are using each product and version, and their frequency of use for subscription seats.

Flex usage reporting: See an aggregate summary of how many tokens are being used by the product and by a user.

Flex usage reporting with user details: See daily token use and ongoing trends for individual users by product and version.

Add your own metadata: Submit data about your users, such as location or team, to enrich reports.

Connect data to third-party tools through API access: Use APIs to integrate usage data with your third-party tools to automate analysis workflows.

Now, take a look at how OpenLM helps optimize AutoDesk licensing costs with Standard and Premium subscriptions:


1-year Subscription Monitoring Plan
for 50 Users

OpenLM Advantage - with Basic Monitoring Plan + reusable tokens

AutoDesk+OpenLM Cost-Value Proposition: for 50 Users
Cost for 50 users
Total Cost for AutoCAD + OpenLM
Optimization by 15% (minimum) - include Autodesk or even more costlier licenses
Cost of Ownership (post Optimization)
Overall savings
Savings are equivalent to the cost of the following number of AutoCAD licenses

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