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Feature Usage Status

Feature Usage Status

Allows you to easily see the number of licenses used, the number of licenses borrowed, and the license-usage percentage.



Presents general system status information in a single glance: License Servers’ status, “Top 10” statistics concerning all monitored applications, etc.



Provides preliminary statistic processing of license denials per feature. It presents the number of denied license requests in long term and short term period.


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24/7 OpenLM support engineers available via email, phone or Live chat support.

Support for other license managers may be added upon request.

OpenLM works with the ServiceNow instance. Available on ServiceNow store.

Engineering license management services for businesses around the world.

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What is 7 pŀus 3?

OpenLM On Premise

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing

OpenLM for Windows

OpenLM for Linux
OpenLM for Linux
OpenLM for Linux


OpenLM Agent

The OpenLM Agent shows the real usage and the idle time of the engineering applications. Furthermore, the Agent enables you to identify idle open sessions and safely release them. Install it on any number of workstations you like. Click to download the latest version (v21.10). The Windows installer requires .NET 4.6.1 runtime or higher.


OpenLM Broker for Windows

The OpenLM Broker provides added functionalities, such as monitoring denials. An instance should be installed on each license manager server you have. Download the latest version (v21.8.26 for Windows-based license servers. Requires OpenLM Server v5.6 or higher and Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher..


OpenLM Broker for Linux
Download the latest version (v21.8.26) for Linux, UNIX, OS X license servers.
Note: This version requires OpenLM Server v5.6 or higher

Download version: tar.gz   rpm   deb

Additional Products

OpenLM Parser

An online service that turns cryptic license or logs files into human-readable reports.

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OpenLM Free Limited version

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing – Free Limited version (OpenLM Light) is meant for small engineering departments with modest license monitoring needs.
It is free and can be upgraded to the full (paid) version at any time.


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